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Repairs/changes in the house

Day 6: bathroom

First of all my apologies for my last post about the pillows. It was supposed to go online yesterday evening but I was simply too tired for it. So the story is about yesterday (Sunday). I understood there was some confusion about the timeframe, so therefore, I’m sorry.

Today the saga of the bathroom continues. Continue reading


Day 3: bathroom

We’re almost at the end of day 3 now. Today we had to wake up at 7 as the contractor, we call him Coen from now on, arrives at 8. Blimey, no celebratory bottles of wine tonight. The room is still spinning and in the night my stomach has not been too gently on me. Continue reading

Day 2: bathroom

We could have an hour more sleep this morning as the builder would start a bit later. 9 o’clock was agreed to start, so I did wake up at 6 already, far too early. I did play with my phone a bit and decided to catch up with some more sleep. No bathroom upstairs is a real pain in the ass. Continue reading

Day 1, bathroom

7 o’clock, the alarm goes off. A bit of a wooden head due to the bottle of Merlot last night.
Have to get out of bed as the builders are coming today to demolish the old bathroom. But first I desperately need coffee. Continue reading