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Justus moving

We’re almost there. Justus has been offered a room and signed the contract. It’s official from the first of February. Continue reading


Lottie sick, stairs finished

I am knackered. The whole week we’ve been painting and carpeting. In the mean time I had to visit our local employment office for an appointment and Lottie fell ill. Continue reading

weekend break

It’s Saturday afternoon and we have decided to take a break from all the painting. The attic stairs and landing have been painted and only need a few patches where the old colour keeps bleeding through the white paint. The attic itself at the moment is a mess with all the stuff we dropped there to clear space for working. Continue reading

And the painting continues

It’s been a busy week. Since the bathroom has been rebuild we really got the itchies to updo the rest of the house again. Meaning, all the things that still needed doing but we never found the time for after we moved in. I started with glosspainting the door and doorframe of the bathroom. Such a nice bathroom and still that ‘cream’-coloured door. So I started with those. Continue reading

Day 2: bathroom

We could have an hour more sleep this morning as the builder would start a bit later. 9 o’clock was agreed to start, so I did wake up at 6 already, far too early. I did play with my phone a bit and decided to catch up with some more sleep. No bathroom upstairs is a real pain in the ass. Continue reading

Day 1, bathroom

7 o’clock, the alarm goes off. A bit of a wooden head due to the bottle of Merlot last night.
Have to get out of bed as the builders are coming today to demolish the old bathroom. But first I desperately need coffee. Continue reading

lights, plants, curtains, attic

We’ve taken it slowly last few weeks and have mainly concentrated on clearing the attic. The amount of clutter people can gather over the years is unbelievable. We have sorted this room several times over the past three years and still come across stuff we didn’t know we had. Continue reading