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Quilt, bin project, garden update, canning

Last week I’ve been spending a lot of time in the loft. Now this room has been reorganized and painted, it’s nice to be there and work on some crafting projects. Continue reading


Odds and sodds

Today I will not talk about painting and up doing the house as in my last post you probably have seen enough of that and I can imaging you are getting sick and tired of it. Same here but when you start it, you also have to finish it. Except for an hour painting on the attic landing we didn’t do that too much today. Instead we did the other horrible thing: Continue reading

And the painting continues

It’s been a busy week. Since the bathroom has been rebuild we really got the itchies to updo the rest of the house again. Meaning, all the things that still needed doing but we never found the time for after we moved in. I started with glosspainting the door and doorframe of the bathroom. Such a nice bathroom and still that ‘cream’-coloured door. So I started with those. Continue reading

Day 4: not the bathroom

Today we had a lazy day. We had a sleep-in till 9 o’clock, what a luxury. We switched on the heater in the bathroom again and I was slightly disappointed to see the gray colour on the walls was still not turning white. Continue reading

lights, plants, curtains, attic

We’ve taken it slowly last few weeks and have mainly concentrated on clearing the attic. The amount of clutter people can gather over the years is unbelievable. We have sorted this room several times over the past three years and still come across stuff we didn’t know we had. Continue reading