Bathroom ready, garden, mother’s day

Today is Mother’s day and I’ve spent it painting to ceiling and walls above the tiles in the bathroom. Justus gave me a Feng Shui mobile hanger in the shape of a waterdrop. He is such a ‘deep soul’. Looking at it while is softly turns in the breeze makes you loose yourself in thought.

About 6 weeks ago I did post a picture of the garden and a lot has changed. Open spaces are disappearing and plants are thickening.

The bathroom is nearly finished. We still need to tinker a bit with the accessories but the main bit is done. There is a small problem with the toilet but Koen is coming first thing on Monday morning at 8 o’clock to fix this. It’s not that the toilet does not work but a bit of the glue between the pot and the wall has become unstuck and to make sure no dirt can go between the wall and the seat, he advised us not to use it yet. No problem as we have a second loo downstairs.

The old bathroom,

And the new bathroom

As mentioned above, I have painted the ceiling and the wall above the tiles today as it was still the raw (grayish) plaster showing. That really was a big improvement again. After that we installed the new main light in the room. We did buy a beautiful, brushed aluminium halogen light for the ceiling. That caused quite a bit of aggravation. The original light was only attached to the ceiling with one bolt. Lee found the other bolt in the ceiling (snapped of). It took some effort to get this bolt out. When done he wanted to screw the other light in but it turned out the bolt was too long for it and he had to look for a shorter one. The shorter one was a different diameter, so he decided to make the original on shorter. Then he found that the holes in the ceiling were not in the same place as the lamp required. Finally he decided *sod that*. The original lampshade was attached with only one screw so this light will also has to do with only one. I think in total it took about an hour to put the light up and now the moment supreme. Switching on the electricity again.

Now that turned out to be a real bummer. We expected a sea of light in the bathroom to find the light only showed a mere dim glow, less than what the original light gave. For now the light stays up there but you do understand we will be looking for a better lamp. Quite a pity as the shape of the light really appealed to us.

The whole bathroom rebuilding has been a real experience and we are very happy with it. However, I don’t think we will do a big project like this again in the near future.

There are still a lot of things to do in the house such as there is the staircase that we started but what was put on hold until the builders were gone. There is still an attic to be painted and also the upstairs landing still needs a coat of paint. We do have the paint, but now still some enthusiasm needs to be found.

Coming week I have to put some effort again in applying for a few jobs as money does not come in for free. I do have an appointment with several job agencies to see if they have something available. We can only hope I may be lucky.

Please say a prayer for me.

Any big projects any one of you are planning in the near future?

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