Dainty little cake

This weekend we were expecting visitors. Some friends of us promised to pop in to see how we were doing. I wanted to experiment already for some time with cake and fondant decorating so this was the perfect opportunity.

2016-02-05 21.06.09I bought a standard spongecake in the shop. Of course not the cheapest but one prepared with real butter. Twice the price for half the amount but I didn’t wanted it to only look good or else I might as well have used some hobby clay to make it.

it took me a few hours in the kitchen. When I started, I notice my white fondant had gone dry a bit what makes modelling just that bit more difficult. Adding a few drops of water did the trick but it wasn’t easy. I also had black fondant and this had never been opened which made a real difference in working with it. I didn’t have green so with a bit of food colour I changed some of the white fondant to a light pale green. I did the covering of the cake with black first but unfortunately my roller was rather short and not suited for larger sheets of fondant to be rolled so I had to do this in stages. When the cake was covered, the overlaps did really show up. My solutions was to cover them with a string of little flowers. I was so proud with the result. This was my first time ever in sculpting little flowers.

When showing it to Lee, I had trouble getting my cake back as he wanted to stuff his face in the cake straightaway. He just loved it.

2016-02-05 21.06.18 2016-02-05 21.06.29

When presenting it to our visitors, they made pictures to send home. You can imagine I was glowing. Definitely something to do more often.

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