Great news

Great news! I’ve been very anxious to tell you all about this but due to some hick ups it has taken me a few weeks for this announcement.attitude
I’ve got a job again since the beginning of this month. A lovely young lady has helped me finding the job together with the assistance of her wonderful husband. I’m very happy with this opportunity and can only promise to do my best and show them I’m worth the effort they have put in me.

I’m now working at a transport company in Boxtel. It is mainly administrative work but with a bit of luck I may be able to expand my activities to reception work. Say a prayer for me that all works out. The first day at work, at the end I thought my head was going to explode with the large amount of information I had to deal with and the first week was rather tough due to unknown territory. I’m now in my third week and really starting to like the job. It’s nothing like my previous work and I have to admit I don’t even miss it.

I have to get up very early in the morning as my shift starts at 7, but I noticed from the beginning that I didn’t have a problem with that. On the contrary, it seems I’m even energized to do more during the rest of my day. Therefore I consider it a double positive experience to be able to work again.

One response to “Great news

  1. Super mam.!!! Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe job. Ik wist wel dat je iets zou vinden….of dit geval dat ze jou hebben gevonden. Ik weet zeker dat ze daar geen spijt van krijgen. 🙂

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