Back after a ‘short’ recess

it’s been a long time since I have written anything here. A lot has happened in the meantime and I will not cover it all in this post. A few of the most important things are: We have had the birth of our second grandchild called Inèz, our pigeons are gone, bunnnies have been introduced to our household, I have no job currently, Lee’s illness finally has got a name and Justus spend a year in Japan for his study.

Of course a lot more happened but these are the biggest events.

First of all: our second granddaughter is born in May 2015. This happened in Curaçao where Warda lives now. We have not been able to visit there but luckily she has spend some time in Holland around Christmas so we have been able to catch up.


Our pigeons are gone. Due to Lee’s illness, taking care of all the birds became to difficult so we found someone who’d love to have them and give them a good home. Life became a lot easier without the need to feed and clean them. Also the plants in the garden started to look better again without them wrecking them (bonus).

Last summer we finally decided to get a few rabbits as Lee has set his heart on them. We took some time to investigate in what they need and what type would be easiest. We decided to go for dwarf-rabbits. They are named Trouble and Nicky. Trouble is almost twice the size of Nicky by now and rather bossy. Over summer we have taken the time to built them a nice cage with extra run so they can stretch their legs. The planning for this summer is to fence in part of the garden so they can run free. I’m sure there will be updates on this.

At the end of 2013 I lost my job as they had to downgrade their service desk. This was very difficult as I loved the job. However, it has given me time to concentrate on domestic issues. At this moment I’m looking for a job again but have not really been successful with that. I will keep trying though.

Lee’s illness has finally been diagnosed as Chronic Axonal Idiopatic Polyneuropathy. This seems to be incurable. It is a nerve damage causing a lot of pain in mainly his feet but also hands and joints. At the moment he’s on the highest level of pain medication with as a bonus morphine plasters to cope with the pain. Of course the medication has got quite a few side effects which are not all nice. You can understand he’s not always at his best, especially as he’s also feeling extremely tired due to this.

Last but not least, Justus. He moved out to study in Leiden at the University. After 2 years he moved to Japan for a year to continue his study there. He returned in September last year and we were amazed about how he changed (for the good). He seems so more adult now.When he came back he again needed a place to stay close to Uni, so he got some he help with that. Now he’s got a small studio close to the university. We helped him with painting and decorating and he seems to be very happy with that. As far as we understand he only has 2 years left for study.

One last thing before ending this post. In summer 2014 we lost 2 of our cats. George due to heart failure and 2 weeks later Boris because of kidney problems. Only Buxton and Lottie are left now.

That’s it for now. Watch this space, more is coming and I’ve got much more that I’d like to share with you.


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