Drawing and Colouring

Beginning of last year I started colouring (for adults). I was knocked down by flu and this was a great way to pass my time on the settee. My favourite colouring book is from Johanna Basford. She makes incredible intricate pictures which are a joy to colour in. In her first book (secret garden) there were a few pages where you could add your own drawings. This really sparked my interest and it went all ‘downhill’ from there. The house is littered with pencils and bits of paper with drawings on it. I almost bankrupted ourselves by collecting all kinds of colouring and drawing books (not really of course).

Via facebook I also found an amazing group where the creator of the group provides us every week with new templates which we are allowed to alter as we see fit. This group is called Ornation Creation and the owner is Ben Kwok. His beautiful drawings are a real inspiration for us all. Below you’ll see a template which I did in march of 2015 and next to it the same picture done in Januari 2016, only 10 months apart.

Aadjes Skull1 skull 2

The past year I’ve filled pages with drawings and colours and I do find it very difficult to stop. Lee is already having ‘nightmares’ of me starting to do my drawings on the wall.

At this moment I’ve done a fan and a pair of shoes. There is no saying if there will be more although I have to admit I really like decorating objects.2015-07-06 14.47.532016-01-21 00.32.59

For a small selections of my drawings check the picture below.


That’ll be all for today. I will keep you updated.


One response to “Drawing and Colouring

  1. “Lee is already having ‘nightmares’ of me starting to do my drawings on the wall”

    You did that in the last house we lived in 🙂

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