And the painting continues

It’s been a busy week. Since the bathroom has been rebuild we really got the itchies to updo the rest of the house again. Meaning, all the things that still needed doing but we never found the time for after we moved in. I started with glosspainting the door and doorframe of the bathroom. Such a nice bathroom and still that ‘cream’-coloured door. So I started with those.

When done, I could not stop there and continued with the other doorframes and doors on the landing. Unfortunately, I had to stop for the weekend as Justus was due to come home and you can not have wet doorframes with a teenager running around the house.

Technically he is no longer a teenager now he’s 20 but hey, they grow up so quickly that I prefer to think of him still as a teenager.

From the above picture you can see I didn’t use a brush but a small paintroller to do the doors. This way the paint is distributed evenly on the surface and it’s a lot quicker then with a paintbrush. Extra advantage to this way of working is that dripping of paint is almost something of the past and the paint dries faster as it is not put on too thick.

As the doors upstairs were drying on friday, I started on the downstairs entry door. This was lightgray and never had seen a coat of paint in its life. The frame was a grubby brown/yellowish tint I wanted to get rid off.

Below you see part of the new colour and the original state.

That really looked very nice so why not do the door straightaway too?

I wish I would have given this a second thought. The result turned out to be horrible. The door turns out to be made of some synthetic material that does not accept the paint. It looks like a sheet of shiny plastic covering the door itself and when the paint was on and I tried  to level it a bit, it came of in big patches leaving me with below result.

It looks horrendous and where the paint overlaps the below coat it now shows as bubbles all over the place. As the paint is very glossy you see every little imperfection. This is definitely NOT what I had in mind.

We left it for what it is now and monday, we’ll give it a sanding to get rid of the bubbly texture. I will then paint the door first with a primer before attempting this again.

In the meantime, Lee found the bucket with emulsion and started painting the walls of the attic staircase. The wall there was still the exposed brickwork and made the upstairs look very dark. We used an old bedsheet on the floor and the stairs to catch paint drips and now he has done most of those walls, that area really has brightened up a lot.

It’s not completely done but the bucket of paint is running dry and the rest has to wait till after the weekend.

On another note: The radishes in the garden are doing very well and I’ve already ate quite a few of them. Washed, sliced and sprinkled with a bit of salt they are rather morish. I’m enjoying the garden now everything is starting to bud and every little detail is worth making a picture.

The cats don’t mind what weather it is and sometimes they even need some re-assembling it seems.

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