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Justus moving

We’re almost there. Justus has been offered a room and signed the contract. It’s official from the first of February. Continue reading


deviled eggs

This week Lee has sort of finished the painting of the attic. Frames still need to be done but the bulk of the work is done. We are very proud of it and I’m certainly looking forward to do some crafting up there again. Continue reading

Bathroom ready, garden, mother’s day

Today is Mother’s day and I’ve spent it painting to ceiling and walls above the tiles in the bathroom. Justus gave me a Feng Shui mobile hanger in the shape of a waterdrop. He is such a ‘deep soul’. Looking at it while is softly turns in the breeze makes you loose yourself in thought. Continue reading

Day 10: bathroom

Yes, yes, yes!

We have a bathroom again. Koen and the plumber have been here the whole afternoon fitting in the toilet, taps, showerhead, radiator and doing  the finishing touch. Continue reading

Day 6: bathroom

First of all my apologies for my last post about the pillows. It was supposed to go online yesterday evening but I was simply too tired for it. So the story is about yesterday (Sunday). I understood there was some confusion about the timeframe, so therefore, I’m sorry.

Today the saga of the bathroom continues. Continue reading


As the bathroom is on hold while the walls are drying, there is not too much to do in the house.

Our cats are making a mess of our furniture and there is cat hair everywhere. Specially Boris is a pain for that with his longish hair. After one day you see a grayish layer of fluf all over the chairs, carpet and settee. Continue reading

Day 3: bathroom

We’re almost at the end of day 3 now. Today we had to wake up at 7 as the contractor, we call him Coen from now on, arrives at 8. Blimey, no celebratory bottles of wine tonight. The room is still spinning and in the night my stomach has not been too gently on me. Continue reading