BBQ to celebrate the coming of summer

Yesterday we had a little party with a few friends and family to celebrate the coming of summer. It coincides with my birthday tomorrow so it’s the perfect excuse for it.

For this occasion I made over 50 cupcakes. I’ve never done this until last week and the result was not bad at all. My first batch of cupcakes, I made last week with a ready to go pack for the cakes and the topping.  As this was a success, I decided to take it a level up. I’ve bought 3 packs of ready cakemix and to each pack I did add the extras. Batch one got some vanilla added to it, batch 2 turned into chocolate cakes and batch 3 where turned into absinthe cakes. For the absinthe cakes I did add a bit of green food colouring to make them stand out from the normal vanilla cakes. It took me the whole Friday to bake all this little cakes. On top of that I also made my own meringue ‘cookies’ and prepare a lot of eggs to make deviled eggs.

On the right hand side of the picture you can also see some green and red shapes. These are selfmade sugarcubes in shapes of hearts, balls and pyramids. I added again a bit of food colouring to them to make them stand out a bit more.

Not all cupcakes came out of the oven perfect. Some were a bit distorted and I made Justus eat those (I did help him a bit but I’m not that fond of sweets as I prefer savoury).

The toppings of the cupcakes I’ve made on Saturday and as I’ve hardly ever used a pipingbag, this was a novelty for me. From the picture you can see my piping is not that constant but the more I decorated the cupcakes, the better I got at it.

In the end I was very pleased about the result and the visitors really enjoyed them. There was enough to go around and at the end everybody got a few boxes with the left over ones to take home. I did keep a few for Justus for the day after.

Lee has been roasting the chickenlegs, spare ribs and sausages over the fire and there is still enough meat and salads left over for today. We will definitely not starve this weekend.

We enjoyed the party a lot and have been so busy enjoying ourselves that I even forgot to make pictures of it all.

We have been very lucky with the weather as it’s been threatening all week that it would rain that day. Luckily it’s been dry the whole time, although the temperature dropped quite a bit. Nothing a sweater of a cardigan couldn’t solve.

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