deviled eggs

This week Lee has sort of finished the painting of the attic. Frames still need to be done but the bulk of the work is done. We are very proud of it and I’m certainly looking forward to do some crafting up there again.

One of my fellow bloggers mentioned several times she found very interesting links on the internet via pinterest, so I decided to have a look and got immediately hooked.

I’ve found interesting things for crafting, home decoration, gardening, cooking etc. There is far more but these are the things I’m mostly interested in.

One of the things I’ve tried today is deviled eggs. (I like that name)

I’ve combined a few things I found on pinterest in small project. (marbled eggs, deviled eggs and using a plastic lunchbag to squeeze the cream back in the eggs)

The last technique I found a few days ago but can’t give credit as I can no longer find the link back.

This is the first time I’m making deviled eggs so even for me the outcome will be a surprise. I started with boiling 3 eggs for 7 minutes. After cooling them down the shell needed to be cracked for the foodpaint to soak into the eggs themselves.

Soaking them for 30 minutes and then rinsing them and pouring vinegar over them to fix the paint. I started with a little plastic bag to do the painting but it turned out this was leaking so I ended up with my hands covered with red paint. I can assure you it does not come off easily.

When cutting the eggs open I found that next time I need a bit more time to boil the eggs as they were not fully cooked and still slightly runny. You can see this on the picture as the eggs are slightly damaged. However, the marbling looks terrific.

I did scoop out the yolk and put it in a plastic lunchbag (after checking if this one was leaking or not) I did add the ingredients for the cream and mashed the content in the bag carefully untill it was nicely creamy.

Then I did cut off the corner of bag and squeezed the cream back into the eggs. Ravished my Basil for some nice leaves, *Et Voila*. In 2 weeks we’re planning on a family/friend gathering with a BBQ and I know these will be on my to do list. I’ve tried one and regret I didn’t boil a few more eggs.

2 responses to “deviled eggs

  1. Very nice, love deviled eggs in our house, its hard to make enough. Found a story on making old fashioned tea eggs, which is the same method you use with the dye, but use really strong black tea to color the eggs. And then of course have them at tea time! Going to have to do this one of these days. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • With tea? I think they call them 1000 year eggs in china. This was the first time for marbling and making deviled eggs. My son does not like hard boiled eggs so I could have them all for myself which suited me fine 🙂

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