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Dainty little cake

This weekend we were expecting visitors. Some friends of us promised to pop in to see how we were doing. I wanted to experiment already for some time with cake and fondant decorating so this was the perfect opportunity.

2016-02-05 21.06.09 Continue reading


pickled vegetables sweet and sour

Been a busy few days.

As Justus is going to study at the University of Leiden he needs a place to stay close to Uni. Every day travelling for over 2 hours each way is too much.
We are trying to make an appointment with an organisation who do room renting with supervision. This is specially for people with disabilities and for Justus this would be ideal. However, making an appointment seems not to be that easy. Continue reading

foodprocessor, quiche lorraine, the sky fell in

Past week seems to have flown by and we have taken it rather easy. Justus has been busy in the kitchen making pies. The first one was a Quiche Lorraine which was a big success. Continue reading

deviled eggs

This week Lee has sort of finished the painting of the attic. Frames still need to be done but the bulk of the work is done. We are very proud of it and I’m certainly looking forward to do some crafting up there again. Continue reading