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We’ve taken it slowly last few weeks and have mainly concentrated on clearing the attic. The amount of clutter people can gather over the years is unbelievable. We have sorted this room several times over the past three years and still come across stuff we didn’t know we had. Continue reading

Thunderstorm, cat on sale, veggies, painting

Last night a big thunderstorm past over Holland.
When going out for my usual ciggie after watching Doctor Who, I did notice flashes in the sky. There was no sound, made me wonder what it was.
I called Lee over to have a look with me and we decided it to be a thunderstorm.
It must be a very heavy storm as it keeps flashing.
I checked it out on the internet and found the storm was going to pass us via the west. We seemed to be safe.The weatherservice did mention 800 flashes were counted within 5 minutes. That is rather massive.
That night we kept going out to watch the storm in the distance (it did creep closer at a certain point).
The night was not cold and it was a pretty sight (when you’re not in it).
Lee made some video of it. Unfortunately this was at the end of the evening when most was blown over, but still quite impressive.

I came downstairs this morning and found the bloody cats had been raping a bag of beans and scattered them all around the kitchen.
Last night’s crop was preboiled and packed in little bags to be froozen. I’ve left them on the worktop to cool down.
What on earth did they rip open that pack of beans for? It’s not as if they really want it. They also sat on the dining table and ravished a left over bowl with a tiny bit of couscous in it. The whole table was covered with couscous and cathair, (Boris’s) and on top of that, I did find nail puncture marks in the table cloth covering the table, REALLY!!!
Someone interested in a very cute pinky coloured, soft, fluffy cat? You can collect him straightaway (comes in pairs of 4)

I’ve been spending the last 2 weeks making an interactive video DVD, just to find out the menu’s don’t work the way I want them to. Also the footage used is too wobbly to make a decent video.
Tried to fix that by adding effects on it during working but this turned out to make the program crash too often.
I’ve chucked away the whole project and restarted it. I will first prepare the footage and export that.
Then i will use the prepared material to start building the project.
Actually a bit like building a house. You don’t start putting the wallpaper on before you’ve added the roof.
And I’m supposed to be a professional eh? 🙂
Ah well, we all learn from our mistakes, hopefully.

Yesterday’s veggie crop from the garden was very good. The corn is done now. I will leave the plants in a bit longer to prevent the cats from turning it into one big litterbox.

The butterbeans will provide still more beans so they don’t have to go yet. The cucumbers and spanish pepper are still loaded with little fruits, it’s just waiting for them to mature a bit more.
The beetroot are growing massively. They still have to wait a bit more as I can’t eat it all in one go.
The onions have been harvested, quite an impressive crop and the empty space has been filled with leek, a few lettuce plants and 8 paksoi plants (chinese cabbage).
The first attempt of seeding paksoi failed miserably as from the moment the plants started to grow, the slugs/snails chomped them completely down (bastards).
On my next attempt, I’ve only seeded a few seeds and did put a currytub over the designated area. After a week the plants started to grow without the snails getting to them.
I have now taken the tubs away and hope they will still grow. However, the weather has not been too mild so I’m afraid this will not succeed. That’ll be something to try again for next year.
The tomatoes went bad weeks ago. They all turned brown/black so I had to remove them. Next year I will grow them in bags on the other side of the garden. The paprika’s disappeared in between all the other plants, got completely
overgrown. Will have to rethink my stategy over that for next year.
Keep in mind that the above is all on only 3 square metres.

As I’ve told you in my last post, I’m waiting for the end of my contract to change my cellphone. This will be running on Android. At this moment i’m using a tablet for the OS, an i-phone for the screen and a Nokia for the usability.

This new cellphone will combine those 3 devices in one. However, while using these different devices, I’m still playing with the software on all of them and found myself a nice free tool for the i-phone. It’s called Meritum Paint. This can make fabulous abstract little ‘paintings’. I’m making loads of ‘m at this moment. Don’t know what to use them for but I just like the swirly, organic looks of them.

Justus seems very keen for me to have my phone exchanged as his own phone is getting rather manky. He has got his sisters old phone and actually only uses it for phonecalls and texting. I think he doesn’t even use up more then 10 euro a month with that. The other use is making pictures of the cats. He must have hundreds by now. However, the screen of his phone is showing 2 big blotches in the middle of the screen, as if the material which creates the picture on the back of the screen is slowly peeling of. It looks a bit like an old mirror that is weathered.

Well, my phone is still hardly damaged. It’s only got one tiny chip on the corner of the cover, where I let it bounce outside in the garden on the FIRST week I had it. I’m even checking the different types of sim-only accounts with a bit of web access which is not too expensive for him. Have not decided on which one yet.

With a bit of luck this is only gonna take a few weeks before we can both be happy with a ‘new’ phone.