pickled vegetables sweet and sour

Been a busy few days.

As Justus is going to study at the University of Leiden he needs a place to stay close to Uni. Every day travelling for over 2 hours each way is too much.
We are trying to make an appointment with an organisation who do room renting with supervision. This is specially for people with disabilities and for Justus this would be ideal. However, making an appointment seems not to be that easy. Continue reading


Pictures, movies disappeared

Today I’ve gone through several old posts and noticed a lot of pictures and movies no longer show. I’ve fixed the issue with the movies (I think). However, a lot of the pictures are still missing. Continue reading

update long overdue, bin, crafting, african hemp, canning, uni, microcar

It’s been some time since I’ve had time to update my blog. I will only mention some highlights as I do not want to bore you with all that has happened the past month. Continue reading

foodprocessor, quiche lorraine, the sky fell in

Past week seems to have flown by and we have taken it rather easy. Justus has been busy in the kitchen making pies. The first one was a Quiche Lorraine which was a big success. Continue reading

new job

This is only a small update on the post of a few days ago.

Lee has got the job. He went for the second interview on Thursday morning and they told him he is in. You can imagine we are all very happy with that and to celebrate we had a bottle of champagne (at noon). We can be so decadent at times. Continue reading

Justus is going for his Japanese study

It has been a very busy period.

I have not mentioned that Justus has stopped his study at the conservatorium. The reason is that the school himself does not seem to be able to cope with him due to his disability (Asperger). This is at least our opinion as the whole year we have been told that he made good progress and only in the last week they decided not to let him in the next year. This came as a big shock to all of us as he seemed to do fine and he loves composing. After the first shock and huge disappointment, Justus came up with the idea to switch to learning Japanese. (his second big interest) Continue reading

canning, cheesecake

Yesterday Justus (my son) and me made a cheesecake. We have a visitor today and Justus wanted to make this cheesecake for him. I did buy a pack with all instructions and a cake form, the peaches, yoghurt and cream. He has been doing all the mixing and building. Today we removed the form and are proud to present Justus’ first self made cheesecake. Continue reading