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Me and my family

Warda over the years

Original post Thursday, 24 March 2005

From toddler to adult.

When digging through my cupboard I did find a selection of old photos.
Thought I’d share them with you. Warda was a cute child and we went a lot to the little animalzoo closeby for a walk and feed the goats.
My mum tells me she’s got an exact replica of this picture only not with Warda in the dress but the child is me.
Never seen that picture. Maybe someday I’ll just rob the albums of my mum to scan her pictures.

In the next picture we make a jump of about 11 years as she’s now 13 years old and going to secondary school already.
She didn’t change too much after this.

Here she’s about 23 years old and at work. The picture is used by the company where she used to work for their website. (she’s got another job now)


Original post Thursday, 24 February 2005

This is my youngest daughter, Rachida, born in 1981. She really loves music, specially ‘gabberhouse’ and hardcore. From time to time she drove me crazy with it, real ‘headbang’music. Nowadays she lives with her friend and I DO enjoy my regained rest again 🙂


Original post Thursday, 24 February 2005

This is Warda, born in 1979. She dreams about a carreer being a model. Well, she DOES have the looks for it. She’s a very sweet girl and has a big heart for everybody. Sometimes a bit chaotic, but then again, all those appointments with her friends….would drive ME crazy. She doesn’t have lots of spare time left. (Gentlemen, she has a boyfriend, so no mail about that to me, ok?:) She used to work in a jeans-store, but finally got fed up with it and now she’s with a company taking the phone and talking to customers.


Original post Thursday, 24 February 2005


This is Justus

He is born on the 11th of January 1992
Favourite occupations are playing with game consoles as there is: Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Playstation and all kinds of games on PC.
He knows an awful lot of James Bond and can’t wait until the new DVD (day another day) appears. A DVD without ‘futures’ he thinks is only half a DVD. The film alone is not enough for him, he wants to know all the extras that comes with it.
He’s got his own PC with a connection to the internet and reads forums about cheats for games very thoroughly.He even posts quite a few cheats himself on this forum as he finds ‘m and his mailbox fills with replys on this. Considering the boy is only 10 years old and Dutch from origin, he’s mailing with a few American guys in their own language. I think this rather remarkable. At this very moment he is addicted to photoshop and doing weird things with pictures. He promised me to make a few with the original picture still intact and then we’ll make a webpage where he can show his creations.

Update 6 march 2005

As time flies Justus has grown.
He’s left primary school and is doing his first year now at the atheneum (secondary school). He is very good with his languages and even practises the German language although this is only starting in his second year.
He’s always had a crack on languages.
Gymnastics is his favourite lessons (NOT)
Nowadays he’s busy with a new game he discovered at his sisters house beginning of last December. The game is called ‘call of duty’ and he is very difficult to get away from the computer since that time. He even set up his own website dedicated to this game (including a forum and a picture gallery).
Lee did set up the website and Justus is filling it with all kinds of things on his own. Very seldom he needs help with all this. You can imagine I’m rather proud of my kid.


Original post Thursday, 24 February 2005


Born and raised in England where he finished his school and started working as a mechanic. His particular interest is computers and internet. This is where we met. After about 10 years of working in a garage he finally decided to move to Holland where he got himself a job at a Call Centre. Here in a couple of years he went up in the company to end up as a product specialist and restable enthusiasm for the job.
At home his job doesn’t stop as he’s addicted to know more about computers and with this he increases his knowhow even more. Due to his ‘hobby’ I got interested in his work too and finally over two years back I decided to apply for a job at the same company. Now where sitting back to back at the office and do mainly the same work with a lot of pleasure. Funny thing is that a lot of the newer colleagues are rather surprised when they finally find out that the two of us are married. It apperently doesn’t show up at the floor that easily.

Another hobby of his is animals, hence the big lot of birds we have in the garden. These are all wild bird as we don’t believe in caging birds for a hobby. Specially in winter we got a lot of visitors to peck at all the foodballs we’ve hanging outside and the different feeding places filled with birdseed.


Update february 2005
By now, almost 2 years later, we have a big aviary in the backyard to house pigeons and doves. It all started out with one pigeon but we picked up sick birds over and over and we finally had to expand our small tempcage to a bigger one of almost 6 by 2 meters.


Original post Thursday, 24 February 2005

Over and over again, people ask me the same questions, who I am, what do I do, what are my hobbies, etc. so I will introduce myself for a moment.

My name is Aadje, mother of three children, Warda, Rachida and Justus and married to Lee, better known to some of you as EvilSanta. (This was in 2005, now he’s known as BadBunnyHimself)
Born in 1961, living at ‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands)
Usually I’m in a good mood and I like to laugh a lot, think a smile to all the text on this page 🙂
My hobbies are: computers, internet, designing homepages, my kids and friend and again computers.
In other words, computers are very important to me and consume a lot of my spare time.
Good thing my WHOLE family (except for the girls, but what’s new eh?) are addicted to computers, so they are quite integrated in life here. (the comps I mean, not the girls (well….the girls are integrated too…oh my, you KNOW what i mean!:))


Watch this space for updates

How we met

Original post Thursday, 24 February 2005


Lee and I met on the internet in 1997 through IRC.
First we were not too interested in each other.
I was invited there by a friend of mine and most of my attention was still mainly for an other place on IRC but I liked the quietness of this particular channel.
It seemed to be a place for only friends instead of strangers popping in and out, so I stayed and slowly I started to recognized the people hanging around here.

Lee soon enough attracted my attention cuz of the people hanging around there paid him respect and sometimes he popped up being a real bastard, but with an undertone of humour, and when I became brave enough I started talking to him.
We both had some affair going on with someone else and after some time it turned out we really liked each others company and started talking more and more about ourselves and forgot slightly about the other, although we didn’t acknowledge this to ourselves.
Somewhere along the line we both lost our connection with the other party and were there to comfort each other. Every night we’ve been talking for hours and hours and in 1998 and 1999 we’ve been visiting each other a few times in Holland and England.
End of 1999 the decision was made to live together and Holland was the choice.
After living together for over 2 years and being very happy, I asked him to marry me and the 16th of October 2001 that became final.