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Me and my family


Justus is the ‘Benjamin’ of the family.

He grew up from looking like this:

to this 19-year old student.

He has finished his Atheneum study and is now doing one year of additional studies for the conservatorium.

He wants to be a music composer and is working hard to get into next year.

He does play a ‘bit’ of piano. I think it’s marvelous but a mam is always supposed to think that of their own children.




Warda is my oldest daughter. She’s a bit weird/crazy and a real party animal.

She does have the tendency to stuff food up her nostrils. (my mother smirking in the back)

I’ve got loads of pictures with fries, green beans and even chopsticks up her nose but this is a funny one where she tries it with a little chocolate dildo.

She has just finished a study in psychology (no wonder she’s a bit of a nutter) and is looking for a job where she can ‘practise’ on the innocent.

Her boyfriend is working in the same ‘business’. He never is around for Xmas meals as he always has to work on that day. Not really my cup of tea to be honest, but she loves him and as she’s the one sleeping with him and not with me, I’m ok with that.




Quite a few years have past since the last pages have been published so here some updated information.

Rachida is soon to be the proud mother of a babyboy or babygirl around the end of April.

We are all looking forward to this as this is my first grandchild.

This picture was taken last Christmas when we were all out for our Christmas meal. (and yes, I have changed too)

In this movie Rachida sing an aria of Mozart while Justus is playing the piano. I’m sorry I can not provide the movie in this post as I have not figured out yet how to get the link from the picasa website.

For now I have not found too many pictures of Rachida where she shows properly except for hidden behind other people. If I find more I will upload them in due time.

Aadje in the past years

Original post Thursday, 24 march 2005

Here are a few pictures of me from my 25th to my 38th birthday. Most of the pictures I don’t recall my age any more but still know the occasion the picture was made.

This picture I don’t have clue when, where and how. I think it musta been before my 30th birthday though.
This picture has been made on a summer holiday when I was away on a biking trip with my boyfriend of that time. It was my second holiday with him and Warda and Rachida were dropped at our camping by a friend. At this moment i’m sitting in the car and she makes the picture. I must have been 25 years here.
Here it is st. nicolaas evening. In holland we don’t have santaclaus but something similar we celebrate the 5th of December. Rachida was 5 years old and got a purple wig as a present. I was 24
Kite festival in Halder. We spent 2 nights in a tent (Warda, Rachida and a friend of mine). There was a lot of music and we were really enjoying ourselves. Justus wasn’t born yet so it must have been before my 30th.
St. Nicolaas day before my 30th. I don’t know what year this was though.
We have been visiting a zoo. My guess was this was somewhere between my 25th and 28th. As you can see Warda and Rachida were still very young here.
36. This picture has been made by a professional photographer that also happened to be my friend. He did make several photo sessions with me over the years. I like his pictures.
This picture has been made in my garden in spring. The period was the same as previous picture
This picture was made in my living room after I came back from my biking holiday mentioned at the second picture
Here I’m at a birthday party chatting up with some of the people I did always see when you go to birthday parties. musta been about 28 or 29
Here I know for sure I’m 30. Justus was born and it was a very intensive but joyful year.

Lee’s first visit in 1998

Original post Thursday, 24 march 2005

Lee’s first visit to Efteling

Lee’s first holiday in Holland. Well not his first one but that one trip years back with his friends to Amsterdam doesn’t really count. (don’t remember if they finally were able to lay their hands on that inflatable sheep they were looking for? Or was it an inflatable dog? Oh my, forget it….)

Ofcourse we did visit the Efteling. A trip to Holland without visiting the Efteling wouldn’t be right. To the back you see the mermaid fountain. Notice how small Justus is in the picture with his 6 years. Now he has reached our height with his 13 years. Even his voice is starting to change. Puberty finally kicked in 😉


The end of the holidays and we’re at the trainstation for him to go back to England. Justus was also present (making the picture). He even managed to keep our heads on as we have loads of pictures of just our feet….. 😉

Justus grows up

Original post Thursday, 24 march 2005

Teaching Justus how to smile

Justus was a model baby. He hardly ever cried and was easy going with everything. You could have 10 babies like that in one go. This was his (mum’s) favourite piece of clothing. Soft fabric and after each wash it came out as new. Besides he looked like a little angel

Kids tend to grow up and here (right) he has jumped to age 6. He’s still still a cutie with his (almost) shy smile. This was a particular good shot as I do have very little pictures of him with a real smile on his face. Not that he is grumpy, he is often so concentrated on other thing he just forgets to smile.

We’re two years further again and he’s now 8 years old. Still that concentrated look on his face. (Will I hear my music now? Don’t understand why this headset is not working, did I plug it in?)

2 years later again and we’re trying to learn him to smile when we point a camera at him. (Come on, we know you can do it. There, see!? A beautiful smile worth to go online) 🙂

Rachida over the years

Original post Thursday, 24 march 2005

Old Photoos of Rachida

Here you see Rachida 11 months old. I was visiting Tunesia in those days and her grandfather put his turban on her head for fun. See seemed to be pleased by it.


In the next picture she’s in her last year of  primary school, 12 years old.