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Me and my family

From the beginning part 2

I’ve finally managed to create also 2 small movies about me and Lee.

It took a bit of time as the program I’m using didn’t run nicely on Windows XP so I had to move on to Windows 7.

First I was concidering buying a new PC but due to the costs of that, we’ve decided to wait a bit and installed Windows 7 on my old computer. We had some minor problems with that mainly due to the fact that the graficscard/monitors didn’t play nicely.

It has taken Lee quite a bit of searching but we fixed it. The scary bit was to see if my program was going to work as it actually requires a DualCore system while mine is still a single core (yes, I know, I’m a dinosaur).

Program is running like a charm and I’ve moved into 7 completely, email, games, photoprogram and all.


Here are the 2 little movies I’ve made:



From the beginning

I’ve started to make some small video’s with the pictures I’ve got on my harddrive to show us from young to now.

Justus was first on the list, more to follow.

And yes, I know some of the pictures may look a bit blurred, but keep in mind, most of them are from before the computer times.