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The first batch of models

The first batch of models 


Original Wednesday, 09 March 2005 



I’ve finally come around to make pictures of my miniatures.
Fortunatelly I was able to borrow a good camera that was capable of shooting close ups very nicely, unlike our own camera that just showed a blur.

My Mordor Orks have turned out very nicely with the new trick I learned a few weeks back. The shiny finish was due to brown ink as a finish to make them look grubby.

The Rohirrim where my first horses to paint and I was very excited when they arrived at the post to start painting them. I was so afraid I’d make a mess out of it but they turned out rather good.

These Uruk Hai where my first group of warriors to paint that turned out very decent.
I did screw it up a bit when painting my high elves and goblins (the very first group I layed my hands on).
I may repaint them or just buy a new box and do a better job of it. I’ve also made Justus paint a few high elves. I have to take a look at them again as I think he didn’t do a bad job at all painting them (although he finished the lot within the hour.

My hobbies and what’s the status on that

Here will appear news of my hobbies which are many.

I will start on a few older post first as I hate to loose them.