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As the bathroom is on hold while the walls are drying, there is not too much to do in the house.

Our cats are making a mess of our furniture and there is cat hair everywhere. Specially Boris is a pain for that with his longish hair. After one day you see a grayish layer of fluf all over the chairs, carpet and settee. Continue reading


Cathedral window

I’ve been working on creating a decoration for the livingroom. We used to have in our previous house a small bedroom for which Lee had cut out a gothic window frame from a flat sheet of MDF. This was stuck on the window to create a gothic view. Continue reading

hobbies listed 2

A few weeks ago I did promised to show some pictures of my hobbies.

Here is one for the hobby ‘making miniatures’. Continue reading

Hobbies listed

I do have  a lot of hobbies. More hobbies then time to be honest.

I like to do crafting, gardening, needleworks, reading, learning, cooking, sewing, the piano, drinking, eating, computers, oh, and sex.

I will tell more about the first 11 hobbies and if I remember the others.

For the sex hobby I’d like to refer you to other sites that are more specialized in that. Continue reading

Moria repainted

Moria repainted


original Monday, 07 March 2005


Moriaboard painted

I’ve decided not to wait too long to finish painting my moria board.
I still had to do part of my castle too so that has been done in one go.
I hate cleaning brushes that I’ve used with acrylic paint. I just can’t stand the smell of the paint nor the lingering smell of the white spirit.
But this is luckily behind me for some time now (untill my new magazine arrives this week with again new scenery to make)
The tower and castle keep do look brilliant now and really fit in with the other pieces off wall and the gate section I’ve done a few weeks back.
The moria board with the hills look a lot better now they’re finished as they look more real now instead of the flat grey color it used to be.

I can’t make pictures of my miniatures yet as I need to borrow a good camera for that. My own camera just shows a blob when you try to shoot some detail. Even these picture were already a bit difficult.

I have been working past week on some extra details of my castlekeep like adding a wooden door and making torches on the wall (in the arches.

While I was creating all these small details I thought what the heck and also made a few tables, benches and stools to go in the big hall. This looked so much nicer
I’ve added a eurocoin in this picture just to give you an idea of the size I’ve been working on.


The Sewers of Osgiliath

The Sewers of Osgiliath

original Sunday, 13 March 2005

Making the sewers of OsgiliathEvery month I get 2 magazines through the post called ‘Lord of the Rings – Battle Games in Middle-Earth’
I’ve got a subcription to these magazines from DeAgostini. Continue reading

The Isengard Dam

The Isengard Dam

original Wednesday, 23 March 2005

The dam at Isengard that blocks the Isen from flowing. Treebeard has to tear it down to get rid of Saruman.From my subscription of the DeAgostini magazines Continue reading