Justus moving

We’re almost there. Justus has been offered a room and signed the contract. It’s official from the first of February.

Last week I had Monday and Tuesday off from work. Monday we have been visiting Leiden to see the room and take care of the last few details. Tuesday we visited Ikea to buy bed, desk, chair, drawerset and some shelves. The rest of the week I had to work and Lee has been with Justus to Leiden to assemble and fit all the furniture in the room. One big bummer was the fact that the elevator was out of service and Justus’ room is on the fifth floor.

As Lee is not very good with stairs this was a rather big negative. Luckily we knew/expected this in advance and they had taken a little trolley with them to get all the boxes up the stairs. They left in the morning at about 9 o’clock and only got back home at 8.30. It has been a very tiring day. Unfortunately the neighbours across the street did have a ‘house warming’ party in their garden that night so the noise was not nice, specially for Justus who cringes at bass sounds and high pitched noises.

Pictures of the room can be found here.

Before we started buying the stuff at Ikea, of course we did measure the room and I made a drawing of it with furniture in it just to be sure that all we were buying would fit.

This is how it is going to look like.


Alas, 2 of the walls are dark red and part of a wall is brightly yellow. We have promised Justus that if he gets through the first 3 months and they are willing to keep him and he wants to stay, then we will come over for a weekend and help him paint the walls in a more neutral colour. Now time is lacking. Monday he and Lee are going back to the place and take all his clothes, computer stuff, telly and piano there. Tuesday school starts again and the weekend after he will be home for 2 days again. Not sure if Justus is getting cold feet but I know for sure that I do.

I really hope this is going to work out for him.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Lee had to visit the hospital twice. Some time ago he collapsed at work and after seeing the doctor, it was decided he had to see a neurologist. This doctor had a series of tests done but couldn’t find anything really wrong, except for ‘too much blood’? He probably means too much hemoglobin. Another appointment was made with an internist who specialises in this type of ‘diseases’. If the above is true, this could explain the pain in his feet, the headaches, the constant tiredness and a lot more.

For the internist he had to do the tests of last week. The first was a bone marrow puncture and the second was a liver and spleen echogram.

I have to admit, I’m ever so proud about him having done these tests. I would very likely have chickened out on the first test. He had to be there in the morning and at the same time, I was on the train to work. During this trip, I fell sick over the idea instead of him. That night he admitted he had whimpered a bit over it, but it still needed to be done anyway. The second test he told me next day was just peanuts. One amazing thing is that he did feel almost normal again the 2 days after. They had taken a few vials of blood for testing and he already discovered that if blood was taken the day before he feels a lot better for 2 day after this. This looks indeed more and more like a blood issue to us. He already started taking aspirins as a replacement blood thinner and when he told this to the doctor they considered this a good idea. However, the aspirins gave him an acid reflux for which he now gets medicines to solve this.

In 3 weeks (on valentine’s day) we will get the results of the tests. I will make sure to take the day off then.

Speaking of work: I’ve been offered a 5 month contract for starters. They do not want to loose me but due to budget costs they can not offer me a year contract yet. Well, it is a start and I’m already happy with this.

One response to “Justus moving

  1. Justus, Lee and Mam…..thums up for you guys!! Wauw, justus’s room looks great, but where is the kapstok? hihi… And Lee, i hope so that they find anything for the blood thickness…hopefully something natural….like a herb or something. Mam, tof van je contract….in deze tijden is een contract al lastig, dus goed gedaan!

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