Update new job

It’s been 2 weeks since I started the new job. Up to now it’s all been trainings to learn the new tools and what to do and not to do. The training location was not at the same place as where I’m going to be stationed. For the training I had to be up at five in the morning, leave at six on bike to be able to catch the train at 6.30.

The travel takes about one hour and a half with changing platform twice and I also need some time to walk from the station to where I need to be. I’m no early bird so getting up at 5 is not the easiest thing to do.

At the end of the day I really was shattered. Almost every day I fell asleep in the train home. Last weekend I needed the whole period to recover from the previous week. This weekend was slightly better. We have cleaned the house a bit as this started to look like a bomb went off. I’m so glad we do have dishwasher so we at least had clean dishes every meal and no pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen during that period. This weekend is used to get rid of the pile of laundry and hoovering everywhere. It’s amazing that even when you don’t spend a lot of time at home, the dust still builds up. It’s now Sunday morning and I still need to do a lot of the laundry. I also need to go through my notes of last week to be sure I will do a proper job at work.

I’ve already learned that all the knowledge I used to have from my previous job is no longer applicable for this new job. All the tools used are company specific and old knowledge can not be used. The people I’m going to work with all seem to be nice and although I’m scared shitless for making errors, I’m also looking forward to this new job. I will keep you updated on this.

Justus seemed to have some trouble getting adjusted to the changes with me not being around when he comes home from college. I also had to leave before he gets up in the morning. The first day I went of for work, his coach visited him to go through papers which needed to be filled in and discuss the coming weeks. It seems Justus was not really talkative and I received a text from Johan to ask if something was wrong. I explained him that Justus might have some trouble adjusting to the new situation. Last Monday Justus had dinner with the group of Stumass. They wanted to assess him to see if he would fit into the group. Stumass is an organisation which provided support for people with Asperger who are studying and want to live on their own. Justus wants to try to have his own space and live closer to the university he is attending to. At this moment he needs to travel 4 hours a day to go to college.

The dinner was not a complete success as Justus sat between 2 guys who were rather noisy while eating. Justus is extremely sensitive over sounds and specifically eating sounds. In spite of this, he still wants to give it a try. We all hope Stumass is saying yes to his request of joining this group. Also on this I will keep you updated.

One response to “Update new job

  1. Wauw, what an adventure!! Lot’s of things for everybody….but you seem to enjoy all the things and developments… it’s a change to something new….en dingen wennen, de tijd zal het leren 😉 ….I’m also curious how Lee is under all this. Also big changes for him. And i want to say to Justus: I’m so proud!! 🙂 Blijf jezelf, je bent perfect zoals je bent. De dingetjes gaan met de tijd wennen….maar wel doen wat jij wil doen. Knuffels vanuit Curacao

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