New Job

Great news. I have a job again!

After losing my job in April of this year, I’ve been looking for a new job. I have not been bored over the past 7 months but no job also means less income and this was definitely the downside of it all.

Last Tuesday I did receive a phone call from one of the agencies I was subscribed to, to ask if I was still looking for a job. When I replied this was the case indeed, they sent me an email with a job description. In this email they asked for certificates for Microsoft and other highly educated stuff. Including a certificate for MBO ICT 4. I do have a certificate for MBO 4 but unfortunately, in the time I was still studying, ICT was not even a word. Keep in mind we’re talking 35 years ago. The rest of the job was not too difficult but the demands were way to high. When I replied to this they told me the employer dropped the demands for the certificates and wanted someone with those skills as soon as possible.

“Of course I am willing to take this job if they are willing to take me”.

Half an hour later, the agency called me again to tell me the employer expected me on Thursday at 2 o’clock for an interview.

That Thursday I did arrive at least half an hour too early. I hate it to arrive late and have to excuse myself for it. I was rather nervous as I really want (need) the new job. I didn’t expect too much from it, but I also thought ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

I managed to calm myself down and went into the interview looking very confident. After an hour and a half we were done and it was a very relaxed conversation. For a change I did not get the questions like ‘why in particular you want to work for this company?’ and ‘what do you expect from your work?’.

These people seemed to acknowledge that you work for a living instead of living to work. Very refreshing indeed. I left with a very good feeling over this and felt I really made a good chance to be taken on.

I walked back to the station and when on the platform waiting for the train to bring me home again, I decided to call the agency to inform them about my experience. The first phone number was occupied so I tried the other number. It was now about half an hour since I left. When I managed to get connected I told my agent about the conversation and she seemed to be pleased to hear that I was very positive about it. In the meantime the train arrived. It stopped at the far end of the platform and while still on the phone, I broke into a sort of run to not miss the take off. I’m sure the other passengers must have had a chuckle over that, but I couldn’t care less. When getting on the train, slightly out of breath, my agent told me that I did have the job. Now that was quick. I sank down on the first chair available in the train. I didn’t expect it to be this quick.

The next day I did have to go to town, to the agency, to sign my contract and Monday morning my first day of work is already due.

It’s now Saturday morning and the contract is signed. I’m still trying to comprehend the impact of it all. I need to arrange things with Justus as I will not be there during weekdays any more to prepare everything for him and this will push him into taking care of himself a bit faster then what I anticipated for. Luckily I can still check on everything in the evenings so that will not be a real problem.

For now I’m going to enjoy my weekend and prepare to be a working woman again. Fingers crossed.

3 responses to “New Job

  1. 😀 tof!!

  2. Van harte gefeliciteerd!! Wat voor werk is het? Ik kan het niet echt opmaken uit wat je schrijft namelijk….iets met ICT, maar wat??

    • technische vragen beantwoorden voor het interne netwerk voor een gemeentelijke administratie. Het is om te beginnen voor 2 maanden via een uitzendbureau, maar er is een kans dat dit een vaste aanstelling word

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