Two hedgehogs saved, DIY mittens, pillow, bunny, quilt, potholders

Past 2 weeks we have found twice a hedgehog in trouble in our garden.

2 weeks ago when I went out around noon, I did find a tiny little hedgehog which got stuck in the fishnetting I have around the veggieplot. I did cut it loose but was not able to remove the netting completely. I phoned our vet who advised me to call the animal ambulance. After some trouble I got connected with them and they showed up within an hour. It took them a bit longer as they got an emergency call about a wounded swan. When they looked at the hog, they assured me he looked healthy and responsive enough to make a complete recovery. I felt a lot better after that and handed the little critter over to them to take care of it.

The veggieplot is protected with a layer of fishnetting to prevent the pigeons from eating the seeds and the cats from digging it up. I was already planning on making a better protection (on a frame) so loose bit are not hanging on the floor. Looks like I have to speed this plan up a bit as we already had a bird caught up in it before.

Yesterday late in the afternoon, Lee discovered a hedgehog stuck in between the fence panelling. Upon further examination we discovered he got stuck in the last bits of barbed wire covering part of the fence. This wire was added by the previous owner to prevent people from climbing over the fence. We already removed most of it when we moved in for the cats not to get hurt but this part was at the bottom end of the garden, not used by the cats so we left this.

I did panic a bit over this hog as I had no good view at how serious the situation was. Calling the animal rescue didn’t pay off. They already went home and the answeringmachine told me to contact our local vet. The vet told us to cut the animal loose and bring it in. This was the scary bit as there was hardly any space to get to the animal. Lee had to cut part of the mesh in the birdcage away to reach from one side. He was going to lift the animal up. I was on the other side of the fence (in between stinging nettles) trying to cut the wire. As there was tension on the wire we had to be very careful with cutting to make sure it was not going to hurt the animal more then need be (or hurt us for that matter). To add to the misery it was late in the afternoon and it soon was going to be too dark to see anything. When trying to cut the wire, with Lee on the other side supporting the poor thing, I felt sick to the bone, scared something went wrong when cutting.

I did feel so relieved when we managed to cut it loose without any ‘damage’. A piece of about 10 cm of wire (app. 3 inches) was still attached to the critter. It was completely rolled up as a ball, so it was very hard to see how it was attached to the animal. It was very close to his frontpaw (or maybe even in it). We popped it into a box and drove to the vet.

Upon examining, he concluded that a part of the fur got stuck in the wire. No physical damage to the animal. With a pair of scissors he freed the animal from the bit of metal. Advised to take it home again, feed it some catfood and water and let it go in the garden again.

At home we left it in the box with some food and water to wait untill it was completely dark. The hog seemed to be extremely relaxed as it has been sleeping the whole evening in it’s box, snoring away loudly. That was actually rather funny. Before we went to bed we cut one side of the box and put him in the garden under the table. He was still asleep. When we checked upon him 20 minutes later, he was with his face in the cat crunchies and this morning he was gone. We have done our good deed again.

The rest of the month I’ve been taking it a bit easy. Except for cleaning the house and applying for jobs, I’ve been busy with crafting.

The idea of the potholders I did find via Crafty Asian Girl

The pictures on the pillows I did find via a Google search.

The mittens were inspired by Kerstin

The Cathedral Window Quilt by the Jilted Ballerina

The bunny by Shannon Aileen

The coffinbox is inspired by my own ‘twisted mind’

I’m still working on other knitwork, needlework and more. Unfortunately I do not have picture of them yet but I will show them off in a later post. Of course you can also look at my picasa page to keep updated (link in the top). A lot of picture don’t make it to my post but they are still available via that link.

2 responses to “Two hedgehogs saved, DIY mittens, pillow, bunny, quilt, potholders

  1. Hoi Mam, ik vond dit en moest aan je denken….alsjeblieft! grtjs Warda

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