Pincushion DIY

As I’m doing quite a lot of sewing lately I decided to make a small pincushion as my old ones were not suitable for the little sewingbox that I’m using in the livingroom.  First I made a tiny one that fits in the box. It is ever so cute and does do the trick. However, later I decided I wanted one in which the pins were more protected, so I made a new one with a lid on it. Below you will find how to make a pincushion box.

Start with cutting from some cardboard the sizes you want your box to be. I wanted it to be approx. 5x5x5 cm. For the bottom/top I did cut 5×5 cm squares. I did use the box of cat crunchies as this was strong enough. For the bottom sides I cut 4 bits of 3×5 cm and for the lid sides I cut 2×5 cm. This was enough for the outside of  the box.

For the inside I did cut all the parts about 3mm smaller to fit them snugly. For all bits of cardboard I did cut small bits of fabric with a small allowance of about 5 mm and with a bit of glue I secured them to the cardboard. Make sure the print of the cardboard is on the inside so it does not show through the fabric. I did use a fluid glue but decided for next time a Pritt stick would be easier and less messy.

For the cushion inside the box, I did cut a square of fabric 3 times bigger then the bottom to allow for the height of the cushion and to be able to wrap it around the bottom. With a few stitches I made the corners, put some batting in it, put the cardboard on top of it and secured it with a few stitches. In the meantime the glue I used to create the box panels was dry enough. With a needle and thread I did sew the box together with little stitches from the outside and below you see the results. I do hope the pictures are clear enough.

The little pincushion without the box is made in a similar fashion but I did use printer paper instead of cardboard.

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