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It’s been some time since I’ve had time to update my blog. I will only mention some highlights as I do not want to bore you with all that has happened the past month.
The bin project I mentioned we started some time ago is finally finished. It was already done sometime ago but it still needed several coats of paint. When Lee started his new job, I figured, I might as well just start on it. In the meantime we also bought an extra little drawerset and it did get the same coat of paint. The result below.

I’ve started on crafting again and made pillow covers by manually stitching a pattern in the covers. They’ve turned out quite nice. I’m doing this while watching telly in the evening with Lee. Good way to spend that time. I’ve also made a little blanket in the same technique which covers the seat of one of our chairs in the room. As the material is satin, the cat hair comes of very easily which saves time cleaning again. The bag I’ve started some time ago is finished and serves as a crafting bag. It can contain a lot of material which means it’s all in one place and I do not have to go up to the attic every time I need something as the most current things are already in this bag.

About eight weeks ago, Lee gave me a plant for my birthday. It is a Sparmannia Africana (African hemp). It has grown huge in the past few weeks. I’m actually rather proud of it. The only problem I realise now is, that this plant can not stay outside over winter and we need to take him in when the weather turns. But that is a problem for later (we can always use him as our xmastree).

Justus has been to the introduction week of the University 2 weeks ago. This was actually meant for the students to stay in town for a whole week. There were possibilities to sleep overnight during this time. We decided that he would do only 3 days of the program as the other parts probably would not appeal to him.

When he left that mondaymorning, I’ve worried a lot as I thought he would have a very difficult time to do all the things he needed to do. Meeting fellow students, lots of people, a huge amount of (ir)relevant information, etc.

It took him some time to give a bit more information but over the past 2 weeks I have figured, he had the time of his life. He met a few students already with which he gets on quite well and he seems to be pleased with these contacts. He’s looking forward to live in Leiden on his own more and more.Fantasizing about giving wild parties …… yea, right….

The canning is going rather well. I’ve got a collection of premade applepie filling, peaches in honey, grapes in juice, cucumbers sweet’nsour, tomato jam, banana jam, tomato/paprikasauce, redfruitsauce, pickled veggies, fruit soaking in alcohol and more. As I do not have a pantry in my kitchen, the pots are stuffed in every cupboard in the livingroom. Soon we need to get a box from the attic to empty an extra shelf as I’m running out of places to store the pots.

The cucumbers and gherkins come from our own garden. The tomatoplants are not big enough for canning. The tomatoes that I pick from those are eaten straight away. Most of the fruits and vegetables are being bought via the local market when they are on offer.

Last but not least: I’m planning on getting a driver license. Not for a normal car. In Holland you also need a driver license when you want to ride a motorized bike. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning on riding one of those. However, the last couple of years there is a new type of vehicle which is in between a car and a bike. They are called microcars. These thing only require a bike license. They look like a small car with an engine and can drive up to 45 km/h. As I’m not enjoying the speed of a normal car, they go far too fast for me, this would be the perfect solution for me. I do very well on a pushbike but let’s be honest. If you need to go 20 km away from where you are now it will take over an hour biking before arriving. On top of that, if you put a bit of effort in it you will arrive all sweaty. For me the above are all reasons to try to get a small driver license (also a lot cheaper then a full driver license) which will ensure my mobility for the future. I’m looking forward to this and be sure I will keep you updated on this.

I’m also looking around for a cheap microcar as a new one will be far too expensive. I’m not going to pay around 15000 euro when they are available secondhand in the price range of 2000/3000 euro. But as said, first the driver license and then we’ll look further into this.

To end this post hereby a little movie I found and thought was actually very funny.

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