Pictures, movies disappeared

Today I’ve gone through several old posts and noticed a lot of pictures and movies no longer show. I’ve fixed the issue with the movies (I think). However, a lot of the pictures are still missing. In the past when I started this blog, I used to link the pictures of my Picasa webalbum to the blog. Later I started uploading them to the blog itself.

When I wanted to upload a bunch of pictures to my webalbum, I did notice all of them were gone. 4 or maybe even 5 to 6 years of pictures were missing. The account was completely empty. Now there is a bummer as that was a lot of pictures. I’m sorry I can not be bothered to upload them again. Ofcourse I still have them on my harddrive so no big loss there, but no longer available for you who were interested in them. I’ve started to upload the pictures of august again so a few are available.
I will (try to) fix the missing pictures in the blog. Please be patient with me as that is NOT a small task.

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