foodprocessor, quiche lorraine, the sky fell in

Past week seems to have flown by and we have taken it rather easy. Justus has been busy in the kitchen making pies. The first one was a Quiche Lorraine which was a big success. The second one was a pie with potatoes, courgettes and goatcheese. This one was a bit of a disappointment. We are both used to spicy food and this pie was too soft in taste. It just didn’t hit the spot and we decided not to try this again. The quiche is rather easy to make. As Justus hates to get his fingers ‘dirty’ I made the dough for the pie for him. He made the filling to go in the pie.

The recipe you will find below, it’s actually quite easy to to.

Last week I did buy a foodprocessor. With all the cooking lately I really wanted this to replace the different types of kitchen utensils scattered around in the house. I’m really pleased with it as it contains about everything you may need to mix, blend, cut, chop etcetera. The only thing I still need to do myself is the cooking bit.

Up to now I’ve only used the mixing part yet but with all the cooking and canning I’m doing lately, it will not take long to try the rest too.

Last evening we had a rather heavy shower all of a sudden starting. Lee noticed it started to rain and we were just in time to get the laundry indoors. The we sat on the settee for a bit watching telly. Outside it was pouring down and we stopped the telly and started to watch the rain. A big puddle was forming at the back door and we were wondering what to do if it would reach the threshold. There was soo much coming down in a short period it didn’t get time to soak away. All of a sudden I did remember I had opened the bedroom and attic window earlier that day due to the warmth. I rushed upstairs and heard ‘clocking’ noises from the bathroom. It turns out the drains of the shower, toilet, sink and washing machine were being sucked vacuum due to the amount of rain outside. I did fill the pipes again with water to prevent the sewer smell to get in. Then I ran upstair to the attic to find a small waterfall coming down from the blind and the window sill. Great, the wind has been hitting on the side of the house and everything, including the carpet was soaked. That is going to take some time to dry up again. The bedroom window had a few splashes on it but as this was on the other side of the house, no rain got into the room.

When coming downstairs again, Lee already cleaned the downstairs toilet. Again due to the rain the water level in the pot had risen and overflown. Glad he took care of this.

We had this happen years ago in the other house once. This also happened after the sky fell in. I was at work at that time and Lee was at home. I seem to be very lucky with him around when this happens so I don’t need to clean up this mess.

Quiche Lorraine: (cheese-bacon pie)

150 gr all purpose flower


75 gr cold butter (or margarine)

175 gr bacon

200 gr emmentaler (or other cheese of choice)

1/8 ltr cream

4 eggs

1/2 ts paprika powder


Mix flower, 1/2 ts salt and butter in a bowl. Use two knifes to cut the butter into peasize blocks. Add 4 tbs cold water. Mix it with cool hands to a dough. Put this in the fridge for half an hour.

In the meantime cut the bacon and and cheese in small pieces. Add cream, eggs, paprika powder and pepper. Mix this all together.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Cover a low pie tin with butter to prevent the pie from sticking after baking.

Sprinkle some flower on the worktop and roll the dough flat until it is big enough to fill the pie tin.

Now pour the filling in the pie and put it in the oven for 40 minutes.

When done take it out and let it cool down.

Bon Appetit.

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