canning, cheesecake

Yesterday Justus (my son) and me made a cheesecake. We have a visitor today and Justus wanted to make this cheesecake for him. I did buy a pack with all instructions and a cake form, the peaches, yoghurt and cream. He has been doing all the mixing and building. Today we removed the form and are proud to present Justus’ first self made cheesecake.

I think the filling should be a bit higher but that will not affect the taste. Will keep you informed on this after we have tried it.


I’ve done my first canning project this morning. The veggies in the garden are not ready yet but I was very keen on trying something new.

In the past (over 20 years ago when I had an allotment) I did do a lot of canning of vegetables and I used to have a big kettle which could contain up to 12 big pots in it. Over the years I did loose this somewhere. I think it rusted away in the shed. Due to the space we have, I didn’t fancy buying a new kettle so I have to find a different way to boiling the pots. Searching the internet for canning with the microwave was not really successful. I could find one book about it but it seems no longer for sales via the standard channels. On top of that I do not want to spend money on another book about canning again. I’ve got quite a few of them already on the bookshelf and they are all the same. They give standard ways of canning and all the recipes are a variation on a theme. Nothing to exciting.

All the microwave books warn for using metal in the device but in my combi microwave it is ok to use metal therefore I’m not too worried about that.

With the above information I thought I’d give it a try anyway.

I did soak dried chickpeas overnight and then boiled them on the stove. I do love chickpeas but when I fancy eating them, I want them straight away and don’t like planning this a day in advance. They are available canned already in the shop but way overprice for the size of the can. So this is the ideal way of trying.

During the cooking I did clean the pots, tops and rings in boiling water and had them up side down draining on a clean teatowel. When the chickpeas were ready, I poured the cooking water away and prepared a new can of boiling water. Turned the pots upright and transferred the peas to the pots (4 half litre ones).

Poured the boiling water on top of them and closed the pots with rubber rings, lid and metal clamps. I did take care the water stayed about a centimetre under the rim.

Now the pots went into the microwave and set for about 6 minutes on full blast untill I did see steady bubbling. I did then set the microwave to another 5 minutes on 350 watt.

When done I did check the pots and noticed I probably had overfilled on as the water content of this one was spilled out of the pot onto the plate in the microwave. Ah well, this can be eating tonight or tomorrow. The other 3 pots looked good and were still bubbling. I left the microwave open for some time and when I thought it safe, I lifted them out with a towel on top of the worktop (on a towel of course).

They are cooling down at the moment and then I’ll check the lids. I can not imagine something went wrong but I will keep you informed over this.

I told you last time I was going to collect my canning pots from the attic at my ex.

It turned out I had over a hundred pots stored up there. That will keep me busy for some time. It took me 2 days to clean all that lot from cobwebs and dead spiders. After sorting them all out (different sizes and shapes) I did find a few odd pots and lids which could not be combined. I’m using the lids as trays for my herbs and the pots are being used as vases. I do love recycling.

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