Lottie sick, stairs finished

I am knackered. The whole week we’ve been painting and carpeting. In the mean time I had to visit our local employment office for an appointment and Lottie fell ill.

First the painting: we’re done with most of the glosswork upstairs. (this means the first floor) The attic is still work in progress. Lee already started on that partially but as this is another major project again, he stopped for the weekend.

Upstairs only remains to small window frames to do with glosspaint and the doorframe of the wardrobe. Lee has done all the wall painting.

The living area downstairs still needs the entrance hall to be done (with 4! doors) and the window frames on the front and the back. Also the beam which goes above the kitchen window needs a few layers of emulsion as we forgot to paint that when we moved in. The windowsill in the back also needs a layer of gloss paint as this is chipped all over. As you may notice, we still are far from done, but we’re getting there.

My biggest project this week was to finish the stairs with carpet. As it is an open plan built house, the stairs are in the livingroom/kitchen and it’s been an eye-sore all these years with it’s unpainted steps and the chipping paint.

The gloss work was done last week and it needed to dry over the weekend, remember I also had my teenage son running around in the weekend. This week we bought the carpet to do the steps. carpeting the stairs is not one of the easiest jobs, I can tell you that. We needed to remove the pc desk from under the stairs. That thing was bloody heavy and we didn’t fancy dismantling it completely. Anybody ever have set up a pc combination with 2 monitors, speakers, booster, complete networking going all through the house? If yes, you know what a bastard of a job this is. So we decided to move the complete configuration as one big lump. The desk itself is of solid pinewood with bottom drawers and a top with sliding doors to protect the monitors. It needed the two of us to slide it away from under the stairs and it still almost broke our back. Ah well, we managed.

From that point, I took the job of carpeting the stairs while Lee put an effort in starting to paint the walls in the attic. Well, good luck to him as in the roof bit, there is a nasty water stain of a previously leak and that just keeps showing through the paint.

The carpet glue is some gooey substains which looks a bit like caramel. The cats are extremely interested in the smell and when walking past the bucket they stick their head in everytime to check, bunch of gluesniffers they are. at the end when I was doing one of the top steps, I managed to spill a big dollop of glue on my lightgray trousers. I scraped most of it off back in the bucket. I didn’t take the time to change clothes as I was very eager to finish this project off. The glue was just above the knee and when crawling up and down the stairs on my knees there was a good chance, I would rub off the glue to the carpet I already laid down on it, so I slapped a paper tissue on top of it to absorb most of the glue an keep it from touching other material. Lee had a big chuckle over this. Imagine: the glue is brown on a light gray pair of trousers, paper tissue stuck to it. It looked like i’ve shat my pants and toilet paper was stuck to it.

On top of that, someone rang the doorbell and I had to answer it. You can imagine the thoughts that went through the visitors head…..

Ah well, stairs are done now and I’m so proud of the result.

Lottie has been sick last week.

We noticed she didn’t come indoors anymore and spent most of her time in the back of the garden. Normally she is quite chatty and alert but nothing of this all. She didn’t eat either and was rather apathetic. We did keep an eye on her as we expected it to be the heat causing it. Thursday morning we was howling a few time very loudly and this made us decide to visit the vet. I called for an appointment and we could come straightaway.

She has had a thorough checkup including a bloodtest. The vet could not find anything wrong with her. She did look a bit flaccid and he stomach was empty. Also touching her showed over sensitivity. Walking was a bit rigid, but she did jump of the checkup table without problems. The vet gave her a painkiller and told us to keep an eye on her. If no improvement, he wanted to see her back on saturday. *That’ll be 95 euro please*

That is more then we spent on our weekly shoppings. She’d better be up and running on saturday.

It is saturday morning now and she’s driving me up the wall. She wants to be spoonfed every little bit she takes. If I put a bit more food down, she only takes one bite. The other 3 are immediately all over the plate with the nice ‘noms’ and she refuses to eat with them close. In 5 seconds that food is gone and she starts mewing again for new bits. We’ve done this since last night innumerous times and I’m fed up with it. Now when she cries for extras again, I just tell her to sod off. We’re back to normal again.

We have been wondering of Lottie is indeed the 8 years old the previous owner claimed her to be. She is a third (or more) hand and maybe she’s older then we assumed. The signs she is showing are similar to what Mhysy went through last year, but Mhysy was almost 19 years old when she past away over a year ago.

Ah well, we see what times brings and at this moment Lottie is back to her normal behaviour again.

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