visiting Lana, swans with babies and minipond

As promised yesterday, hereby a picture of Lana.

We did visit her today for he birthday almost a month ago. She has grown so much since we last saw her. It was fun to see her unwrap her present. She was more interested in the wrapping paper than the content. But that is not new for kids. The often enjoy the wrapper more then the present itself. I do admit a cutlery set is not that exciting for a one year old, although she seemed to be taken by the spoon it contained.

It was a warm day and we spend the whole visit on the balcony in the shade. Although they live in the centre of town it was nicely quiet out there.

We went on bike to the station and travelled by train to our destination. It was a warm and humid day. The airco in the train worked wonderfully and as we sat on the shadowside of the train it was rather pleasant. We had to walk for about 10 minutes to arrive at Michael’s place (Lana’s daddy).

After about 2 hours we were heading home and then the agony started. The sun has been blazing on the pavement and I was wearing very feminine shoes with very thin soles. Every stap I made I could feel the heath burning through my soles and when waiting for the trafficlight I had to keep ‘jumping’ from one foot to the other. Very painfull indeed. The journey home in the train was ok but when we biked home, I didn’t feel too good. I needed a drink of water and I knew if I’d stepped of the bike, I would not get up anymore. I was rather knackered. So I did keep a steady pace with biking to be home quicker. I was so glad to arrive home and find a tap full with nicely cold water.

When I told this to Lee later, he called me a daft bitch as he had a bottle of water in his bike bag and he had offered me water but I refused earlier (i didn’t realise).

It’s nice to go out but the nice part of being out is the coming home bit again.

On another note: We have a waterstream at the end of the garden and Friday I did notice the swans had babies. We went to the back to watch them and they are ever so cute.

I do love water in the garden, we already have a pond with big fish in the back but now we also created a mini pond close to the seating area where we can see the plants grow closeby. On top of that, as they are contained in a small area, they are far less to get lost in amongst all the other plants. I’m very pleased with the result and also the cats appreciate the special cat drinking bowl we have offered them.

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