weekend break

It’s Saturday afternoon and we have decided to take a break from all the painting. The attic stairs and landing have been painted and only need a few patches where the old colour keeps bleeding through the white paint. The attic itself at the moment is a mess with all the stuff we dropped there to clear space for working.

And don’t worry about the picture. That on the floor is not Lee but Bob, who used to hang outside the attic above the stairs but had to move away during painting. We’ll put him back later.

The landing upstairs is almost finished, some walls still needs a coat though. Lee took the job to paint the walls and I’m doing the acrylic/gloss painting. Justus and our bedroom door still need a coat and the wardrobe needs primer before doing that. The bathroom door and the landing door are done and the handles can go back on.

Downstairs I am halfways through slapping a coat of primer on the entrance door. Remember that all went horribly wrong. Luckily that layer of paint came of rather easily with a glass scraper and I’ve already coated the inside of the door. As the front door and the toiletdoor will be done the same colour, I’ve decided to wait with finishing the entrance door as I will be doing that in one go. I ran out of primer and as it is a long weekend (shops are close due to Whit Monday), I’m on hold there. I know I could have bought  a can of primer today but hey, gimmie a break.

The stairs are almost done. I still need to give the handrail an extra coat as when bolting this one back to the wall, I did notice I’ve skipped a few spots. It looks very nice now the handrail blends in with the wall. We still need to put light coloured carpet on the steps but I didn’t feel up to going to the shop to buy carpet today. So that has to wait till next week.

We have bought a new ‘hoover’ yesterday.

When the builder were here they left their hoover and we could use it during that time. Lee fell in love with it as it works so much better then our old one. I don’t think you’ve ever seen a male getting so excited over a hoover. I have to admit the machine works brilliantly, specially as I haven’t touched it yet and still the house has been hoovered clean now 🙂

It’s been a very hot week with the sun blazing down and temperature up to almost 30 degrees celsius. As we are quite close to the sea (about 100 km) we do have a sea climate meaning in summer it is mostly very humid. Today is nice to sit in the garden in the shade. We have our partytent up which gives us a nice place to sit. Lee made a garden table from a slab of wood (used to block the gate when we bought the house) and 2 buttresses which I painted black. To make sure the table has the right hight for our chairs, he did cut of the bottom bit of those supports. With a plastic cover on the top it is looking pretty much ok.

Tonight we’re planning on having a barbecue. I have the habit of freezing left over bits of meat and in this morning I’ve dug out of the freezer some chicken wings, hamburgers and chicken breast. The chicken wings and breast are defrosted and marinating at this moment. I’ve bought some mini sausages and that will be our evening meal. Making a bit of a salad with freshly harvested radishes and cucumber. I’m looking forward to our first barbi of this year.

Tomorrow we are going to visit daughter and grandchild. We’ve decided to be lazy and go by train. On top of that, by train is cheaper then by car if you add the costs of parking the car too. I will upload pictures of the kid next time.

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