Odds and sodds

Today I will not talk about painting and up doing the house as in my last post you probably have seen enough of that and I can imaging you are getting sick and tired of it. Same here but when you start it, you also have to finish it. Except for an hour painting on the attic landing we didn’t do that too much today. Instead we did the other horrible thing: working on applying for jobs again. After we have made redundant in februari, we must apply for 4 jobs every 4 weeks and as there is not much going around at the moment this is hard work. For every job you apply for you have to fill in a lot of forms as they all ask the same questions in every time a different way. For some of the forms we need an hour or more to fill them in and specially Lee is not happy with that. You might think that having a steady job is easier then this. But we did this in the morning up to about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and then decided it was enough.

In the meantime I’ve been popping in and out of the garden enjoying all the new growth. In the cold frame we have some trays with summer flowers and I’ve been dotting those around in the hanging baskets and flower pots we have kicking around in the garden. The rose bushes are butting up and soon we’ll have flowers on those again. I’m really looking forward to that. Although they do not smell, they look lovely with their red, salmon and red/white flowers. When blooming, I will upload some pictures of them. In the cold frame the cucumbers and gherkins are flowering and we soon can start harvesting from them. The peppers and paprika plants are growing steadily and bulking up. I’ve sown radishes and carrots in there too and they are really showing up well by now. Still need to put some lettuce seeds extra in as the few I have now will not suffice through summer.

I’ve got two plant towers, one filled with strawberries and one with herbs. The towers are made of a few stackable pots, which leaves space in each pot to put some plants in.  The strawberries we have for fun as I’m not too fond of them but I do like the waterfall of white flowers and later strawberries. I may even eat some of them but this is not a promise.

The herbtower contains chives, basil, parsil, thyme, salvia, and marjoram. Every time I walk past this tower, I have to touch the plants as I love the smell of all these herbs. In the kitchen I have 2 pots of basil for current use and in the garden also grows mint and lemon balm. Those 2 I use in my tea. I just pick a few leaves and pour my tea on top of them for some extra taste. In the greenhouse I’ve got little dill plants to put them out later. I even found a few borage plants in the back of the garden what really pleases me.

As you may have noticed from the above I’m rather fond of herbs.

Yesterday we were supposed to visit Rachida, the youngest daughter, for the birthday of Lana, our grandchild.

That was the 3th of may but we couldn’t go that day as the reconstruction of the bathroom was in full progress and we couldn’t leave that house at that time. Therefore we made an appointment to show up a bit later. The night before  Rachida informed me that Lana was not too well due to teething and asked us to come the week after that. Hopefully Lana will feel better then. That was a bit of a disappointment but of course the daughter is right. There is no sound more horrible then that of a crying baby. We will go coming sunday and hopefully Lana will feel better. She’d better so she can start using the little cutlery set we bought for her. Will show you a picture of it later but not yet as my daughther also follows this blog and I do not want to spoil the surprise.

I’ve been itching to do some crafting again but at this moment I can not get to my workbench in the attic. The floor is loaded with books and also the painting job needs to be done before I can go back to this. I’ve got all kinds of ideas going through my head of what to do. I’ve found a few old vases which Lee promised to give a coat of spraypaint to get rid of the original color. Then I will be decorating them so they can be used again for flowers without me being embarrassed with their outdated looks. Ofcourse I will show you the result. I’ve also found a particular nice post in an other blog showing a nice pair of earrings I want to try:


I also am planning on a tote bag and other fabric projects, too much to mention. I’m sure it will all be done and when so I will let you know the result. Sometimes I feel there are far to little hours in a day. So much to do, so little time.

Does any of you know this feeling?

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