As the bathroom is on hold while the walls are drying, there is not too much to do in the house.

Our cats are making a mess of our furniture and there is cat hair everywhere. Specially Boris is a pain for that with his longish hair. After one day you see a grayish layer of fluf all over the chairs, carpet and settee. Most of the furniture has velvet on it and the hair sticks to that perfectly. To wipe off you need a special brush for it and even that does not make a good job out of that.

We have tried it with a sheet of fabric draped over the chairs but that made it look tacky. Then an animal blanket, hairs stick to that very well but cleaning was a big pain in the a**. On top of that the colour and print wasn’t too great either. So I decided to make something myself. Initially I planned on some small quilts like below, which I made about 20 years ago.

When searching through the attic I could not find the material which goes in between the 2 pieces of fabric to make the pattern to stand out. I did find a bag of pillow stuffing though and decided on a bit of a different approach.

2 bits of velvet where sewn together and turned inside out. Then these pillows where filled with a thin layer of stuffing. I didn’t want the pillows to bulge too much as they needed to be very flat, so I spread out the filling quite thin.

The rummaging through the button box to find matching buttons which would look good with with the velvet. This gave some problems as most of the matching buttons where in pair of 4, 5 or 6 and I needed a bit more than that. From those that I had enough, they looked horrible on the fabric. I finally found 2 suitable sets.

The buttons keep the filling in the pillows in place and we are rather pleased with the result.

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