Day 2: bathroom

We could have an hour more sleep this morning as the builder would start a bit later. 9 o’clock was agreed to start, so I did wake up at 6 already, far too early. I did play with my phone a bit and decided to catch up with some more sleep. No bathroom upstairs is a real pain in the ass. When needing to use the loo, we now have to walk to the front, go down the stairs, which brings us halfways back in the house and then walk to the front again where is the downstairs toilet. Upstairs from bed to toilet is only 3 to 4 metres, now it is at least 19 metres, including the stairs. This may not seem much but in the dark while being drunk with sleep this is a mayor thing to overcome.
By the time you reached downstairs you’ve almost wet yourself.
Ah, well, my alarm was set for 8 o’clock, so I woke up at 7.30 again and decided not to fall asleep again.
Coffee and a ciggie were in place and luckily this time no find with the blinds in the kitchen.

The builder arrived at 9 sharp and after a big mug of coffee he was off upstairs starting on priming the wall for the plasterer. The sizes of the furniture are written on the walls and the reservoir part of the hanging toilet is already installed.

On arrival of the plummer they are starting to fit the pipes for a proper fit. The plumber has a bit of a snigger over the fact that the guys previous day manage to hit 2 of the three main pipes in the room. So far for an easy job. They all need to be redone.
When gutting the wall to fit the new exit for the sink, on the other side one of the bricks came out. The wall is rather thin but this won’t be a problem. The plasterer with fix this tomorrow, so no man overboard.

The upstairs by now looks like a bombsite.
Justus’ room contains now the old toilet and sink and part of the new equipment. With this upgrade of his room we may have to consider claiming rent for his room.

The wall in between the bathroom and the clothesroom looks very sorry now. Gutting the walls for the new pipes managed to offset a few more bricks and this needs some sever plastering.

The tap for the washingmachine has been lowered so it will no longer be in full view upon entering the bathroom. The drainpipe will be facing the other way to be hidden from sight. The soilpipe for the toilet has been fixed in place and new concrete has been poored in the gap to level the floor.

Tonight the electrician will come to fix a point for the light of the cabinet and lower the contactpoint for the washer.
Ofcourse you’ll be updated on this.

Lee and his father are constantly emailing about the updates of the bathroom with pictures to illustrate the workflow. Due to the fact that Lee is in the Netherlands and his father lives in England this is the easiest way. You don’t pop over that easily with a distance like that.

Dad, if you are reading this: We have set aside a periode of about 2 weeks to have the bathroom done. This is only day 2 of the makeover and no, we can not use the toilet and sink there yet. as the pictures may indicate. At the earliest we can start using that room again next week friday (if we’re lucky and the plasterwork will dry enough over the weekend for the guys to start tiling the room on monday).

disclaimer: if you find any spelling errors in the above, please note that I’m doing this all in notepad without any spellchecker, apologies for that.

All pictures are uploaded here if you are interested.

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