Digital receiver

Yesterday I did mention we noticed Justus’ digital receiver was malfunctioning. This meant he could no longer watch the scrambled channels on his tv-set. I did a search on Marktplaats. This is the dutch version of  E-bay and lo and behold, we found one for sale, just around the corner where we live. I sent the owner an email offering him 20 euro for the box. After some mailing, we pulled some money from the wall and within a few hours we did have a happy kid again. The box was in good working condition and except for dinner we have not seen the kid anymore.

The weather has been extremely mild today and we have had the door to the garden open the whole day. Late in the afternoon we even have had some sunshine. It seems for tomorrow we will have a warm day again and it’s promised there will be sun the whole day. That will be our first summer day and I’m really looking forward to that. We might even fill the hangingbaskets and windowsillboxes with plants from the attic and some more seeds.

Unfortunately I have not made any pictures of the above but hereby a picture of George stuffing his face into mine.


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