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We’ve taken it slowly last few weeks and have mainly concentrated on clearing the attic. The amount of clutter people can gather over the years is unbelievable. We have sorted this room several times over the past three years and still come across stuff we didn’t know we had.
In total we found 9 fans. One was that old, that when I lifted it, my fingers went through the plastic frame. We decided to throw 2 away and kept the smaller towerfans. Some boxes where only half filled with material and only stored air for the rest. We emptied other boxes in those. We sorted all the cable and computerbits in seperate drawers and gave them a place under the roof. The xmas and Halloween boxes were all stacked under the roof in the far end corner. We were rather surprised about the amount of Halloween stuff we do have. It was box after box after box, and when we thought we were done, we found still more. You’d think we had some special thing with Halloween. I’ve also finally found time to sort out my sewing materials and boxes with fabrics. Meters and meters of black crushed velvet. A few meters of purple and red but nothing compared to the amount of black. We made some curtainrails from stretchy wire under the back roof and used this velvet to cover up the boxes decently.
We’re very pleased with the results.

The seeds we planted a few weeks ago have been doing very well in the attic and today I’ve put the cucumbers and the gherkins in the cold frame outside. A few weeks ago I did buy some strawberry plants together with 3 stackable pots and they have started to grow very nicely too. In our favorite junkshop we did find the same stackable pots for a very cheap price so we did buy a few more and they are now in the kitchen serving as a herbtower with basil, parsley and chives growing in it. These are still very tiny as I only seeded them a few weeks ago but that is just a matter of time.

Lee has been working on the antenna connections to our and Justus’ bedroom. We have now a working tvset in our room. However, Justus has not been that fortunate. He does have a tv connection but his digital receiver seems to be broken and all the scrambled channels give troubles. This means we have to keep an eye open for a cheap receiver. That shouldn’t be too hard as nowadays, everybody wants the interactive receivers and prolly have the old style receiver to get rid off. We’ll keep an eye on that for him.

The bathroom:
Next week they will start in ripping the tiles off and dismanteling the room. Then the plumber is coming to change the pipework and after that the room gets newly plastered. The weekend will be used to let the plasterwork dry and after that they will be retiling the room and the appliances fit in. We are heading for almost 2 weeks without the possibilities to shower. I’m so thrilled by the idea….
We will need to wash ourselves in the kitchen for that period and it will be a bit like camping in your own home. But in the end, it will prove to be worth the hassle we hope. Below you see a picture of the current situation.
I will update this blog during the reconstruction with picture of the process.

Lee has added a small light at the top of the stairs. On the landing itself there are already 2 lights but due to the wall between the stairs and the landing, at nights the stairs are very dark and the lightswitch to get light there is downstairs. When we have to go downstairs at night this can be a risky bussiness when there is a cat on the stairs you can not see. The light upstairs is connected to the other light and can be switched on from downstairs and upstairs and I’m very happy now this is done.

The frontdoor has finally been done with a curtain. At this moment it’s only a  single layer curtains of red velvet and next time we are at the market we will buy extra meters of this to make it look more decent, but the start is there.
The staircase to the attic has been decorated with the gravestones we found in our collection Halloween attributes.  I’ve stuck them on the wall with some doublesided tape. However, due some calculation error some of the stones were put on the wall a bit too high. I had trouble putting enough pressure on the decoration on the spot where the tape was so the tape didn’t stick to well to the wall. This resulted in some of them already crashing down. I have to redo that and put them on the wall a bit lower so they will stay glued on.

Also the display shelves in our livingroom cupboard finally have been upgraded with internal light so our skull collection are better visible in the evening. The cupboard were bought secondhand a few years ago as we liked the style of it. The previous owner had cut the electric cord away and Lee has been reassembling the lights again.
We discovered why the previous owner did cut the cord. Apperently the construction has been set on fire by the type of lightbulbs he had used in them. It should only take the little fridgebulbs but he has used the bigger size which have burned through the wiring. Lee has redone the complete wiring and constructed it in that way that the lightbulbs can no longer melt it anymore.

Ok, keep an eye on this blog as from next week there will be more to tell.

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