closer to a new bathroom, stairs painting

The new bathroom is getting closer and closer. We received a call from the DIY shop on Saturday that our stuff was in stock and we could collect it. It needed two trips with the car to collect it all. My!, this stuff is pretty heavy. The livingroom is now filled with boxes with all the new bathroom equipment in it.

I’ve called the contractor the same day to tell him to clear a few days to fit it in. This will be done within the next coming 2 weeks. With the removing of the old equipment and tiles and replastering en retiling, this will take approximately about 8 days. Although I’m really looking forward to the new bathroom, I’m not looking forward to those days without being able to have a shower.

Of course I will keep you posted on this (not the smelly bit obviously).

Past few days we have been very busy. As those who read my blog regularly may know, we bought this house 3 years ago (spot on tomorrow). After the first 3 weeks working ourselves into oblivion by cleaning, painting and bringing the old rental house back into original state we have not done much anymore.

We moved into the house and within 3 months time we both lost our job and Lee’s mom. The stress of the last 3 years are finally fading and we’re picking up energy again to do more around the house. We have started to paint the things that still needed doing and bit by bit the house is looking better. I’ve finally come around to paint the windowsill in the kitchen which looked horrible and Lee has scraped off the white plastic from one of the front windows. He has been disliking that from the moment we bought the house. New netcurtains have been added and the little kitchen table that is in front of the windows has been painted and got nice baskets under it to hide stuff out of view. It is really a big improvement.

The stairs is another big project. The glue of the previous carpet is still on it and we had no real idea what to do with it. For the past couple of years we’ve had moonshaped carpet tiles on it to make it look semi-decent but this was still something to be tackled. Friday night Lee mentioned to remove the sidebars from the stairs to open up the livingroom more. I’ve been playing with the idea already for quite some time but never bothered to mention it as it seemed to me like a major job. I agreed that I liked the idea too and the next morning he had them removed within an hour.

Below a picture of the original stairs:

and now for the new situation:

I have painted one side of the stairs already as the marks where the beams were, showed as darkbrown patches and holes where the screws were fitted. The wood first needed some plastering to make it all flat again but the effect is rather pleasing. I will finish the handrail and the other side of the stairs after the contractor has been for the bathroom. There is not much use in doing it now as they may chip the wood when running up and down the stairs during the buildingworks. When the bathroom is done and the painting of the stairs is finished we will look for some light coloured carpet to cover the steps and then hopefully our 5 years project is done in three years.

Last but not least a picture of one of my meals last week that I thought did look amazingly apetizing. I bought myself a halogeen oven sometime back and have found that specially chicken can be prepared to rather high standards in this little tool.

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