Cathedral window

I’ve been working on creating a decoration for the livingroom. We used to have in our previous house a small bedroom for which Lee had cut out a gothic window frame from a flat sheet of MDF. This was stuck on the window to create a gothic view. When moving we took this frame with us and it’s been stuck between the wall and a cupboard for almost 3 years. I’ve been planning to do something with this for a long time and here you will see what I’ve done and the end result.

I’ve transfered the shape to a thick piece of polystyrene and cut this out with a stanleyknife.

To create some more structure to it, i’ve cut out the edges of the frame and chiseled a celtic pattern in the top. Together with the lines to imitate buildingblocks, the shape does look now very pleasing.

After this the whole frame was painted black and left to dry. When dried a I brushed a dark grey paint over the top leaving the lower part black and when this was dry I used a very dry brush with lighter gray to give a light coating of paint over the top of this which gave a end result of real stone.

2012-03-16 11.59.54

Now for the stained glass effect. I’ve used a sheet of perspex for this. With a magic marker I drew the lines on it and with acrylic paint I did fill in all the colors.

To give the window a bit of an outdoor look I’ve added leaves of a fake Ivy to it. They are attached with pins from the sewing box. As there are only a limited amount of black pins I’ve manually painted all the heads of the pins black with a magic marker. Believe me, your hands will turn horribly black stained after this.

When all the leaves were stuck on the frame, I did find a crow which has been on my desk at work for ages and stuck this one on top of the frame to add to the ambiance. What is a church without a crow anyway?

I will not bore you with telling how I’ve struggled to keep the perspex in place (it fell out of it’s frame as the doublesided tape was not strong enough) and the breaking of my head over how to be able to hang the window on the wall. Lee gave me the idea how to construct a way to attach the string on the back without it showing on the front.

I’ve added a small string of ledlights behind the window to make it a bit of a focal point in the room during evenings. Below you will find the result.

2012-03-30 18.14.57

I have not used all the pictures I’ve made of this job. If you are interested in looking at them all, you can find them via my Picasa Album

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