Halloween and looking forward to xmas

It’s been a quiet period.
The weekends are used to relax.
Last week we did buy a new xmastree (1.8 meters), not a real one ofcourse.
I had to set it up to check if all bits were in the box and then we put it in the attic for another few weeks untill Sinterklaas (saint Nicolas) is over.
We don’t celebrate Sinterklaas anymore since a few years. Justus has grown out of it and we do some presents with Xmas.
The amount and price of the presents also went down since he understands they come from us and not from some guy with unlimited money.

2 years ago we gave Justus a small (foldable) piano as we thought this would be a fun toy for him.

It turned out he could already play piano very well so this got update to a organ within a week

and then ended up in a real (electric) piano a month later.

Last year we took it a bit easier with some small presents and a dartboard:

The weather has been rather nice the last few days and it’s kinda weird to realise it’s already november.
Last friday it was even almost 20 degrees Celsius everywhere to trees are looking bare and leaves are scattered around.
Last weekend we finally took care of the greenhouse and the cold frame by putting the rigid plastic sheetings on them to keep the cold and rain out.
Lee has done a fantastic job on that again as usual.

Friday before that weekend we did celebrate Halloween at work. We had some kind off barbeque and as usual I’ve done my share in helping them to empty the wine bottles. Lee took is easy with just 2 beers on the whole evening as we still had to get home by car.
We got donated 2 pumpkins of the decoration which I did put in the backyard and have lighted every evening.

On Monday (which was the real Halloween evening) I did put them in the front and lighted a candle in ‘m.
Every year a group of youngsters have been at our door for trick and treaters. Do keep in mind, this is not a common thing in Holland and in the past they have been very surprised to find we did do something with Halloween.
So I expected them around this year and bought a big bowl of Halloween goodies.
At around 7 the doorbell rang, so I went up to the front to find a 3 year old kid with his mom doing trick or treat. She only rang the bell as she saw the two pumpkins at the door. I did load the bag of the kid, holding enough back for others. Bummer, nobody after this so I’m now stuck with a shitload of sweets, while I’m not a sweettooth myself.
Luckily it’s all packed in little baggies so bit by bit I will spread them around.

From now on it’s going past the festivities of Sinterklaas and then it’s on to the xmas tree and decorating.
As you may have noticed, I’m already looking forward to this and if it wasn’t too early I would have started digging the stuff out already.

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