Sick, burglars and riots

Last few weeks have been a big mess.
First week back at work from holidays and Lee gets sick for the last 3 days. He  had McDonalds and started to puke his guts up. Had to arrange a pickup from a colleague to get to work.
A new project started just before the holidays and with my standard work I also have to cope with the extra work now.The week after this my colleague who shares my work is on holiday and the last 3 days of that week I’m off sick from work. My back is killing me and there is nobody to do the job. That does not feel good as others have to take over now who are not familiar with my language.(I mainly handle dutch customers).
The pain does not subside but I decide to go to work again on monday. Using a coctail of paracetamol and ibuprofen to get me through the days.
The pain is on both of my hips and radiates via my groin to my legs.

Thursday evening now, it’s almost weekend. We are doing our shoppings after work for the weekend so this is all done and we can have a nice quiet weekend.
Arriving home, I want to unlock the door, just to notice the lock is missing. Confusion, where did the lock go? Without the lock we can not get into the house. The backdoor is also locked and bolted from the inside. What has happened here?
Lee comes over to see why I do have trouble opening the door and then we notice one of our cats behind the door in the hall. We always lock that door so they can’t go there. *shit* This is not good. Someone is or has been in our house.

I call the police telling them someone has entered our house and still may be in it.
They arrive within 10 minutes. With help of them we are able to open the frontdoor (so glad they are on the good side).
All looks normal when we go in untill we notice our laptop is gone from the coffee table, lights are on upstairs.
The police is going upstairs first to check if someone is still there.
The house is empty. Missing are the laptop from the livingroom, the laptop from the bedroom (and later we found the videocamera and my son’s laptop are also taken.
We do not care too much about the stuff being stolen, but the fact that someone had violated our private space was rather devastating. You don’t feel safe anymore in your own house.
The police was very nice to us and filled in a complete report of what happened. They advised us on what to do next and to call the insurance and get a locksmith to repair the damage.
Next day the locksmith repaired the lock (330 euro! because the lock and door were not standard and he had to replace the complete lock). Almost another 1000 euro to replace other weaker locks and add some extra security to the house. That was our blimming savings!

After a weekend which was not that quiet as we have been busy adding the extra security, I decided to make an appointment with the doctor as the pain did not go.
The appointment is on wednesdays morning.
After the examination, the doctor prescribed Diclofenac for 2 weeks 3 times a day. If the pain is not gone by then he wants to make an appointment for the hospital as he suspects this may be Osteo-Artrithis. Well whoopy fucking doo. We can really do with more shit. I don’t have the idea that the pills are working but hey, this is only the fourth day. Let’s be patient and see where we end.
The last week was also the week that England suffered from big riots. It was rather creepy and painfull to see all that and it’s at moments like that I realise we shouldn’t complain too much.

For now I’ve decided not to worry about that and started a very complicated video project to set my mind to other things.

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