The BadBunnies are now the BadGrandBunnies

Tuesday, 8 o’clock, we’re ready to drive of for work. Phone rings.

*Mam, I’m in the hospital, the contractions started last night.*

Ok, calling in at work *we won’t be in today, need to help our daughter with the delivery*

We leapt in the car, need to get some gas and pull some money out of the wall. This is not going to be a cheap day with eating and drinking in the hospital’s restaurant while waiting.

On the way to the hospital which is in another town about 35/40 kilometers away from here.

Lee seems to be a tad nervous and all cars that don’t move quick enough he’s shouting at.

* Move on you twat * go aside if you can’t drive a car * bloody idiot, if you can’t drive properly, grab a bike *

I feel like it’s me about to have a baby instead of my daughter. She’s only having contractions, this doesn’t mean the baby will be there within the hour..

We’re using the satnav to find our way to the hospital but the area where we are going has had some major rebuild of the roads in the past few years and when we’re halfways the satnav gets confused and yes, we’re on the wrong road going almost the opposite direction of where we need to go. Ok, then we’ll keep on eye on the signpost and after some time we do find the name of the town the hospital is in. We do ignore the satnav for now and follow those signs. Finally the satnav indicates we’re on route again and after we’ve entered the town, we decide to let the satnav take over again.

It does deliver us at the doorstep of the hospital. We’re found ourselves a decent parking spot and go in.

After asking at the reception we arrive at the maternity ward. Big doors blocking the corridor and not allowed to go in. We rang the bell and we were  led to the room where Rachida is supposed to be.

A friend welcomes us and tells us that Rachida has been taken away for an epidural. The pain was too much and she has asked for this. We’ll wait untill she comes back, this almost takes an hour.

When Rachida is being wheeled in again she is smiling and no signs of pain anymore. She’s hooked up to all kinds of tubes though. Due to the painkiller she doesn’t feel anything and we are waiting until something happens. The nurse checks in from time to time to see how it all goes and if she needs anything but further on it’s all pretty boring.

We are twittering a bit to keep our supporters updated. Rachida got herself a new iPhone and is playing with that in the meantime. I just can’t imagine anymore what we did 30 years ago while waiting for kids to be born.

In the meantime another friend, male this time, enters the room, so now we’re there with 4 people and Rachida. I think the nurses are pretty amused with the fact there are so many people now. Chairs are lined up against the wall opposite the bed as if we’re on the first row watching a show. Pretty awkward indeed. Lee and I go downstairs twice to the restaurant to have¬† cup of coffee and a snack, but more importantly, to have a ciggie outside the building. There are no smoking areas in the hospital, if you wanna smoke, you’re kicked out.

There’s quite a bit of a nippy breeze outside, but we manage to find a sunny spot, slightly out of the wind and that is nice. I do smoke 2 fags to top up on my nicotine level and then we’re moving up again. I’ve burned my throat on the coffee, it was far too hot, but i did not have the patience to let it cool down.

And the waiting starts again. At a certain moment the sun comes into the windows and metal shutters come down to keep the sun out. That is the end of our internet connection on our phones. We’re getting a bit bored with waiting….

Around 2 o’clock the doctor decides it may be time to try and get the birth up and running. They have checked if the daughter is ready to start with it and slowly have lowered the medication for the epidural so she can now feel when the contractions start.

I’m glad it finally is starting, Lee and the friend are going into the hall. They do not want to experience this from too close by.

I will spare you the details of the birth process but I can tell you Rachida has done an extremely good job and has not screamed once. Lana is born at 2 minutes past 3 in the afternoon, the 3th of May 2011.

The BadBunnies are now the BadGrandBunnies. I’ve always been proud of my kids but now my pride is even bigger.

We proudly announce the fact we have become grandparents.

And after the whole soppy story above, no, we are not going to do babysitting and we still don’t like sticky and smelly kids.

I’m happy to be a grandmother but refuse to be a standard one. We are going to learn this grandchild very quickly how to behave as a proper badbunny.

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