Easter weekend

It’s been a nice eater weekend.

We did have Friday off from work as all the lines were closed but the dutch one. As I do have a backup on this line since 2 weeks, I was allowed to take this day off. Together with the Monday this made a 4 day long weekend and we have utterly enjoyed it.

Visited the gardencenter twice to get all the bits we needed and we’ve been working our but off to get it all done this weekend.

We cleaned out the pondfilter again as it was completely blocked again after 2 weeks. This is always the case after a winter and it’s nice to have the water clear again to be able to see the fish. The small Koi fish seem to be doing very well and the waterlillies and emerging again.

Bought several trays of very colorful flowers and have been planting those everywhere. Still have a few trays left in the greenhouse but they will find a spot somewhere in the garden too.

Lee has been working on a little fence around one of the garden beds and it looks fantastic.

He made the top for the cold frame so my cornplants will be save for colder nights and he even washed the car to show it’s really black and not brown now the dust has gone.

We even enjoyed the barbie several time this weekend as the weather really was nice and warm in the evening.

To bad we have to go to work again tomorrow but that’ll be a ‘short’ week of only 4 days and then we have a weekend again to look forward to.

Besides, we could do with a few days of work as working in the garden has made us ache all over and we need to do some ‘resting’ to relax the body.

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