Hobbies listed

I do have  a lot of hobbies. More hobbies then time to be honest.

I like to do crafting, gardening, needleworks, reading, learning, cooking, sewing, the piano, drinking, eating, computers, oh, and sex.

I will tell more about the first 11 hobbies and if I remember the others.

For the sex hobby I’d like to refer you to other sites that are more specialized in that.

The crafting I’ve described a bit in earlier posts. I like to make miniature ‘landscapes’ for Lords of the rings. Also the painting of the tiny little models is relaxing. This hobby is on hold as due to us moving house this has ended up in the attic and cleaning the attic is a 5 year project (just like painting our stairs in the livingroom by the way).

Our garden is our pride. We do have a 20 metre long garden. With 4.5 metres wide it is a medium sized garden for dutch standards.

In the back we have an birdcage with pigeons. In front of that a fishpond of 3 metres long. This pond contains about 10 goldfish and 10 koicarps.

In between the pond and the birdcage we have a bit of garden with shrubs and we plant flowers there over summer.

In front of the fishpond we have 2 small veggieplots where I can grow my own vegetables.

Last year we had red onions, redbeets, sugarcorn, spuds, winterleek, hot peppers, paprika and lettuce.

Keep in mind we’re talking here about not more then 4 square metres.

Last weekend we planted our onions already. Plans are for spuds, corn, redbeet, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and paksoi (chinese cabbage). A small corner of the plot is reserved for herbs.

The only thing we have to keep an eye out for is the cats as they just love to dig in this dirt, and then your just planted onion go fly everywhere. So netting it is.

I do make a lot of my clothes myself. When I find a pattern that I like, I may modify it a bit and then make it my own. Most of the fashion it rather colorfull and I do prefer the darker colors my self. Ok, I’ll be honest, my favorite color is black. So most of the clothes I make are black and it’s the material which makes it more interesting. I can use velvet, chintz, jersey, satin. Sometimes I do add a bit of color, such as dark purple, dark red or dark green.

I will dig out a few pictures to give you an idea. Will do this later.

I used to do a lot of needlework. I’ve made a patchwork quilt some 20 years ago. This took me a year to complete, everyday several hours a day of sewing little hexagons together. The fabric used for this was all the little left over bits of fabric from the clothes I used to make for Warda and Rachida.  The blanket finally measured 2 by 2 metres. Unfortunatelly it is in need of repair so it’s moved into the attic for me to find time to do this.

Furtheron I have done a lot of embroidery, knitting, chrochet, and all the other needleworks. Some projects are still in the attic unfinished.

I love to play the piano. Unfortunatelly I am not good at it. Specially when compaired to Justus. However, I have managed to play ‘fur elise’ halfways without making mistakes. Got to admit, the tempo could be a bit faster, but hey, it’s still a hobby so don’t push me.

My favorite to play on the piano is the funeral march as it does freak out others 🙂

Cooking: When we moved house we had a custom made kitchen fitted as over the years I’ve had to struggle in tiny little kitchens for my big ideas. When the girls were young I used to bake them bread in the morning before they left for school and I always tried out different tastes of flower to make it more interesting. I used to have my own allotment and did make nice things when preserving these veggies.

I’ve learned to make Sushi and can create a fancy chinese dinner. I’m quite creative with turning standard recipes into something special. I do like to do a big meal when the daughters are visiting.

Reading/learning: these 2 things often go together. I like to read semi technical magazines. Reading is entertaining and you also pick up information from it. Unfortunatelly I can only absorb information if I’m interested in the matter.

I also like to ready fantasy/fiction. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is a good example.

Computers: my work and my hobby. I use it for everything a computer can be used for. Often I just numb out by playing freecel. It’s my communication channel via email, messenger and twitter. And at times, when I’m feeling creative, I update my website, make videos, play with googles sketchup, login to an online roleplaying game or play some other game on the pc.

Eating and drinking: I don’t need to say much about that. I like my foods and I like my drinks. I do realize I need to exersize a bit more (and no, I’m not going to show pictures of that)

For all the above, I will upload pictures later but for this moment I think I’ve done enough updating of this blog for the day.

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