From the beginning part 2

I’ve finally managed to create also 2 small movies about me and Lee.

It took a bit of time as the program I’m using didn’t run nicely on Windows XP so I had to move on to Windows 7.

First I was concidering buying a new PC but due to the costs of that, we’ve decided to wait a bit and installed Windows 7 on my old computer. We had some minor problems with that mainly due to the fact that the graficscard/monitors didn’t play nicely.

It has taken Lee quite a bit of searching but we fixed it. The scary bit was to see if my program was going to work as it actually requires a DualCore system while mine is still a single core (yes, I know, I’m a dinosaur).

Program is running like a charm and I’ve moved into 7 completely, email, games, photoprogram and all.


Here are the 2 little movies I’ve made:



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