Justus grows up

Original post Thursday, 24 march 2005

Teaching Justus how to smile

Justus was a model baby. He hardly ever cried and was easy going with everything. You could have 10 babies like that in one go. This was his (mum’s) favourite piece of clothing. Soft fabric and after each wash it came out as new. Besides he looked like a little angel

Kids tend to grow up and here (right) he has jumped to age 6. He’s still still a cutie with his (almost) shy smile. This was a particular good shot as I do have very little pictures of him with a real smile on his face. Not that he is grumpy, he is often so concentrated on other thing he just forgets to smile.

We’re two years further again and he’s now 8 years old. Still that concentrated look on his face. (Will I hear my music now? Don’t understand why this headset is not working, did I plug it in?)

2 years later again and we’re trying to learn him to smile when we point a camera at him. (Come on, we know you can do it. There, see!? A beautiful smile worth to go online) 🙂

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