Aadje in the past years

Original post Thursday, 24 march 2005

Here are a few pictures of me from my 25th to my 38th birthday. Most of the pictures I don’t recall my age any more but still know the occasion the picture was made.

This picture I don’t have clue when, where and how. I think it musta been before my 30th birthday though.
This picture has been made on a summer holiday when I was away on a biking trip with my boyfriend of that time. It was my second holiday with him and Warda and Rachida were dropped at our camping by a friend. At this moment i’m sitting in the car and she makes the picture. I must have been 25 years here.
Here it is st. nicolaas evening. In holland we don’t have santaclaus but something similar we celebrate the 5th of December. Rachida was 5 years old and got a purple wig as a present. I was 24
Kite festival in Halder. We spent 2 nights in a tent (Warda, Rachida and a friend of mine). There was a lot of music and we were really enjoying ourselves. Justus wasn’t born yet so it must have been before my 30th.
St. Nicolaas day before my 30th. I don’t know what year this was though.
We have been visiting a zoo. My guess was this was somewhere between my 25th and 28th. As you can see Warda and Rachida were still very young here.
36. This picture has been made by a professional photographer that also happened to be my friend. He did make several photo sessions with me over the years. I like his pictures.
This picture has been made in my garden in spring. The period was the same as previous picture
This picture was made in my living room after I came back from my biking holiday mentioned at the second picture
Here I’m at a birthday party chatting up with some of the people I did always see when you go to birthday parties. musta been about 28 or 29
Here I know for sure I’m 30. Justus was born and it was a very intensive but joyful year.

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