The Sewers of Osgiliath

The Sewers of Osgiliath

original Sunday, 13 March 2005

Making the sewers of OsgiliathEvery month I get 2 magazines through the post called ‘Lord of the Rings – Battle Games in Middle-Earth’
I’ve got a subcription to these magazines from DeAgostini.

Every two weeks a new magazine appears which includes one or more miniatures.
In the magazine the rules are explained step by step, a scenario is described with extra rules if necessary, a painting guide for the miniature that comes with the magazine and a chapter about scenery building.

One of the sceneries (The sewers of Osgiliath) in part 25 caught my eye and I was very eager to construct this.
After a whole day of fiddling around with thin styrofoam and big lumbs I’ve had the layout and set up of the sewers complete. My fingers had been glued to the walls and I’ve pinned my hands several times onto the foam when trying to push the pins in the foam to give the glue time to dry.
I was ready to start painting the first undercoat but when checking the construction I decided it wouldn’t even stand the painting let go playing with it, that fine and unstable it was….

I took a second attempt and got a bit further this time. When I had painted one of the constructions it turned out to be to weak still to stand a gamingturn so this second attempt disappeared in the bin too.
My sewers came to a hold for a few weeks while pondering on how to make it more durable.

One afternoon I went into town because I needed fabrique for a new dress and close to the shop I needed to be there was a craftshop. I decided to pop in. In the back of the shop I found a big pile of foamboard (styrofoam covered on both sides with a layer of paper making it very durable).
I did buy 4 sheets and after having bought the fabrique went home. This was rather scary as those sheets were 50cm by 70cm and it’s almost impossible to do the steering on bike and hold this size of sheets same time. I managed but my sheets were a bit battered when I got home.

At home I already had a little pile of hardboard ready to use for bases. Not long ago when I needed some paint from the DIY shop I made them cut up a few sheets of hardboard in sizes of 15x15cm, 30x30cm and 60x60cm as these are standard sizes for scenery constructions.
When having the DIY shop to do it for you, you end up with nicely straight cut sides, unlike when doing it yourself with a handsaw.

At home I couldn’t wait to start on the sewers this time. The fabrique for the dress disappeared on the shelves as I had other priorities this very instant.

The sewerwater is created by smearing a layer of woodglue (pva) on the base after constructing the walls and walkpaths. I did skip cutting tiles this time as I’ve already done that twice with the previous attempts. This time I scored lines in the pink foam and this seemed to be a good choice as it looks even better then with the thin cardboard tiles.

I’ve learned one thing from this project though. Next time I wait with adding the details untill after painting. It took me a lot of effort not to smear the structurepaint all over the details. I just don’t think a wooden plank would have looked believable when having a stonestructure.

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