The Isengard Dam

The Isengard Dam

original Wednesday, 23 March 2005

The dam at Isengard that blocks the Isen from flowing. Treebeard has to tear it down to get rid of Saruman.From my subscription of the DeAgostini magazines I’ve built this dam in Isengard. I started of with blocks of polystirene on a base of hardboard. I had to paint the wall black before adding the brickwork as it would have been to hard to paint afterwards.
I’ve been fiddling around with my hotwire cutter to shape the rocks and this was with swearing and shouting. My hotwire cutter can handle sheets upto about 4 cm and a lot of the bits I had to cut were far bigger so I had to use my knife also. This however makes a lot of mess. My wire kept breaking and I constantly had to wire it up with new wire.
One of these days i’m gonna buy myself the Games Workshop cutter as this has a wider span.

Here I’m done with painting the rocks and the dam. I’ve used an extra color (brown) for the dam to make them different from the rocks around.

This picture gives a closeup on the back of the dam where the Isen is stopped. There is little bits of reed growing in the water and shrubs on the banks. The banks are painted green ready to be covered with static grass. The water has been painted and have lighter edges to make it look more shallow close to the banks.

The dam is ready for battle. Ladders are everywhere so the Orks can work on every spot necessary. The steps have been used from the moria board as this was the perfect height. Another fine piece has been made.

Here is a closeup from the back of the dam all ready and flocked. The white spot on the water is the PVA glue that has not completely dried yet. When it is dry it makes the water look very shiny and a bit seethrough.

Two Uruk Hai ready for battle at the bottom of the dam. Let the fight begin…..


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